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Had a hard time getting to sleep last night... combo of my mind wanting to think about
stuff and not having gotten to sleep at my normal time for a few nights. Did not want to
wake up this morning... luckily, my beloved knows me well enough to give me a wake up call or I would have been a very late girl I'm sure.
Going through my desk stuff deciding what to take home, what to give away, what is
company stuff and just stays here...
I cannot decide whether I want to embroider a dragon or something on the back of the
kimono I'll be making... If I do, it will be a massive handwork project, which I could
handle except - I'm planning to make the matching corset to wear over it, and I'm not
sure how that would look - massive gorgeous dragon covered up by corset. And I
have not yet found the exact dragon I want... So must give thought to this. I have
seen some kimonos decorated in a pleasing assymetrical way, with a motif around the
leftish side of the hem and then a bit repeated on the right shoulder... this way would
be more suited to the corset-over look, but I'm not sure it's dramatic enough for me,
and not sure what I would embroider...
Okay kittens, I think that's it...
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Well today they gave me someone to take over 2 of the 3 main things I do here at work... she already knows how to do the tracer stuff, so she's taken that off my hands, and I began training her on the military stuff. Woohoo... now they just need to decide who does Robert's stuff and I am good to go. Heh... gee, funny how they're not trying to have anyone else take over everything. Anyhoo, just an update.

Pop Quiz

Oct. 23rd, 2001 03:21 pm
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Planning to quit my job to go back to college, and because they have just been really really treating me poorly - How much should I give em?
A) Until the end of this week.
B) Standard 2 weeks
C) More than 2 weeks (my jobs are complex and require alot of training - however, if I stay long enough to give them the training, I think the company will just squander the time and the new person will still not really get it)
D) Other _____________

On the one hand, I hate to screw up my employment history by giving short notice, but on the other hand, don't new employers maybe understand that sometimes it's warranted? Also, I won't neccessarily be looking for a new job right away, and if I do, it's likely to be something part-time with flexible hours that I can do while I learn - likely to not pay as well but also not be as picky.


Oct. 19th, 2001 12:52 pm
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Work has not been too bad since Wednesday... one of my major project accts has been almost inactive since Tuesday, which allowed me to take care of a large chunk of stuff that just hadn't been getting done. Still haven't had my meeting with the boss people that was supposed to happen Tuesday (there were more details on that, but LJ was eating posts at the time) so that sucks although it's not surprising. Still, I plan on using this sudden decline as probably proof of how sales will suffer if they don't give me enough time to take care of things properly. Even if it's completely unrelated, it happened at a good time :) And it's let me come a bit out of the stressed-to-here mindset. Yay!
Hmmm, there was something I wanted to get opinions on, but I forgot what it was.
I think I'm going to bring in halloween cookies or something for my coworkers next week. We all used to randomly bring stuff in to share all the time, and we don't anymore. I miss random sharing.
I wish I had some Halloween event so I had an excuse to get kitty cat eyes. Why don't they celebrate this on a day when people dont have to go to work the next morning?
I forgot to bring the little paper doll halloween costumes for my SouthPark cutouts... All in all, it's been a very non-festive Halloween season for me. Usually I'm buying and decorating and all sorts of creative stuffs. Sometime this weekend we have to go to a nursery and get the right soil mixes for the new orchids - I'm worried about the big one, the leaves appear to be dying right at the stalk. But the little bitty ones appear to be surviving well. And our bamboo has recovered from whatever was wrong with it and is healthy and green again. I sorta wish I had gotten a plumeria - uh... stalk? The stick things that you start growing them from. At the time, I was thinking I didn't have anywhere to put a tree, but now I'm thinking duh, it wouldn't have been tree size for awhile girlie. Still, better take care of the things I have before I worry about the stuff I don't.
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Well, we've learned that it takes a little over two days for work to get me restressed... at least it's Friday and I have a weekend to look forward to. I'm just frustrated because the people I need to work with can't seem to do their part right for some reason, and then I'm the one that has to deal with the mess when it turns out wrong. Que-sigh.
I just feel tired and pessimistic this morning - like this is just never going to change or work out. Maybe the afternoon will be better.
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I'm too busy to breathe, but at least the time goes by fast :) and I only have to get through tomorrow and then I have the weekend, and then get through Monday and then I'm on vacation!! I'm still a little ticked with getting stuck with this new project when I don't even have time to do the other things I'm responsible for, but on the other hand I kind of like the project. I seem to excel in handling impossibly weird & demanding accounts, and this is one, and when I do something that's hard to do and do a really good job at it, it makes me feel good about myself and my value to the company, unrecognized though it may be at times. So I'm pretty cheerful in general, especially since when I'll be gone someone else will have to keep everything caught up. I'm still going to have to write up some quick notes on what to do while I'm gone once they get back to me with who'll be filling in for me. And sewing tonight, and planning what to pack so I can make sure it's clean. Heh... my mood ring is fuschia and forest green... wonder what that indicates??
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Everytime I've got my emotional balance back, someone gives me another shove...
Yes, I'm hating my job again and wishing I didn't have to work. Though compared to what poor Stasha is having to put up with, I guess I should count myself lucky. And I try to think of it on a karmic level - with everything bad that's been happening, something really wonderful must be about to happen to balance it out. I'm cold, and my heart feels like someones been at it with a smashed brick. I'm so unappreciated here - guess I should have left while companies were still hiring. I'm scared to now - somehow I don't think being unemployed will help my emotional stability right now. I feel like some poor pack animal who keeps getting teased with the carrot but ending up with the stick. I'd like to see somebody else here carry my load without dropping it.. I really doubt they could. Oy - I get the feeling someone's trying to tell me to quit trying to be happy - every time I manage it, I get kicked back down again by something.


Sep. 21st, 2001 03:40 pm
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So, I'm on my break at work... which has been interrupted several times by people that really really need to tell me something RIGHT now and can't wait 5 min til I'm back to working or leave me a voicemail or whatever. So I'm already a little miffed. Some background info: we're assigned certain times to go on break as we work in the phone-answering business for the most part, and they need to make sure everyone's not gone at once. So it is my TIME for break. I also have a little card that goes up that let's everyone know if they should glance in that I'm on break (I have them for lunch & vacation and stuff too. Most of us do). What I'm eventually getting to is that one of the higher-ups just crept up very quietly behind me and scared me to death asking if I was on break. I just nodded and turned back around, but now that my heart is staying within my body, I'm very irked - she was not in the hallway or even my cubicle doorway, she was right behind me and I'm *betting* reading my journal over my shoulder. SECOND of all, I'm mad that she even asked in the first place - of course I'm on my break! I'm doing something personal instead of professional, it's that time, and the big "On Break" sign is up - wtf do they think, I just play all day and all the work does itself?? Ugh... disgusted with the management, very upset that she was reading personal stuff of mine, and I have way too much adrenaline from her creeping up right behind me. Rrrr... I need to learn to focus negative feelings like this and act upon them - alot of the people here will walk all over you if you don't stand up for yourself. Me, I'm a "treat me how I've earned to be treated" person... dammit, I shouldn't have to be a bitch to get treated with respect.
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So I'm back from lunch and I notice that there's a kinda neat electric pencil on my desk that I've never seen before. Now, there's not a little pencil-witten note or any reason for it to have suddenly appeared... It just means someone was at my desk for no reason I can think of, and didn't clean up after themselves... It ticks me off a bit, because people move my stuff around and then I can't find it, and it's not like we share workspace... Rrrrr... they screwed with my computer too. Ah well - I am keeping the pencil as my rental fee...
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I feel so selfish and unproductive today. I'm doing my work, but grudgingly. Going to the gym tonight - I'm hardly upbeat but I need to go. I have lots of gift certificates still... maybe sometime this week I can squeeze in some shopping. Goodness knows I haven't done much to deserve it, but I feel in need of pampering. Stayed home sick last week, so I have to be a good girl and work this week... it's only Tuesday. Don't know what's with me today, but I can't seem to find my place. Was having strange Indiana-Jones-in-mini dreams.... don't remember much, but it's unusual for me to remember anything. Not enough to even guess at a meaning though, just fragments.
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Heh... so we were all supposed to wear red white & blue to the office today... only NOBODY knew about it... I got lucky and happen to be wearing blue at least. So my coworkers are having me as the resident artist make little patriotic pins for them. Just finished a little origami heart one. I think that's it for updates - the day has flown by but not much has happened.
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Well I'm chilly chilly and generally wanting to go home. Work sucks lately. As if any of us need more stress on top of the current situation - ugh. I'm trying to just not let the little work stuff get to me, but it makes me angry to shove aside my feelings... But now is just not the time. Maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow - it wouldn't be so far from the truth. Don't know that I really want to be alone for 8 or 9 hrs though. Sigh. I need friends I can hug. My, but this is a gloomy and self-pitying little entry - well, we're all petty sometimes, and I try not to edit myself unless I have to.
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Well it would seem most of the military is busy with things besides ordering contact lenses. It's been a slow day which is QUITE a change. And I learned about fan-lacing a corset. Not sure how useful the knowledge is, I'm not sure if I like the look of it. But I love to know obscure things, so it's good. It might look better if I did it on the front and back of something, and put the attaching part on the sides. Still, I'm not excited enough about it to really plan anything.


Sep. 10th, 2001 10:08 am
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Sometimes I love my job, and sometimes I hate it. This morning is definitely hate. Thought we had solved everything last week and things would be a bit less stressed this week, but such is apparently not the case. I think it's the lack of communication issue - things are a mess in general. I'm beginning to understand more why we have such a high turnover - I think once they've been here a little while, they start to see how unorganized the company is, and run. So far I'm not running although part of me wonders if I ought to. It's my overdeveloped sense of job loyalty - they have to screw me over pretty hard before I fight back. Sigh. Sometimes I think I've gotten too mean, and sometimes I think I'm still too much of a pushover.
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I love it when companies send us stuff... Customer Service got a 9 lbs Crunch Bar this morning as an appreciation gift from one of the companies we carry. Isn't that SWEET of them? :) heehee... okay, please forgive, the sugar is making me giddy...

Work stuff

Sep. 6th, 2001 10:23 am
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Well they shifted some of the things on to someone more appropriate, so I've got a little less stress.... I'm still much behind and my desk is a mess, but at least I can start clearing it all off now. It's not fixed, but it's better.


Aug. 29th, 2001 03:25 pm
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So in spite of being buried in work, I'm actually pretty happy about my job... Ever since I was going to quit, they've been much nicer to me. I casually mentioned the lack of space thing to my super yesterday and right after lunch one of the owners came over to talk about what we could do to fix it... now on the down side, nothing is fixed yet - temporarily I get to take over a second cubicle but it's just until they have someone to go there. The problem seems to be that there are the only cubicles larger than mine don't have power.... I do need alot of plugs and phone lines, so that's out. But I was just feeling all important and recognized by the quick serious response to my little whims :) It's nice to be appreciated.
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Sigh... sometimes I wonder if I'm going to end up doing everyone in the company's job. I just got to go through a stack of things I had given to our returns dept and write down in a big red marker exactly how many dollars and cents they needed to credit each one for. Alot of these are going on three months old... they're supposed to get done within a day or two. I had noticed I wasn't getting any response and had sent the dept a memo asking what was going on. No response at all. I called and left them voicemail re: same subject. No response. Finally my boss called me up and asked me if I could start putting the amount they need to credit when I give it to them. This is DESPITE the fact that they are supposed to look it up and determine that themselves, DESPITE the fact that they do this part of their job for all the other accts, DESPITE the fact that they've never needed to have this done in all the previous years of dealing with my accts. Suddenly, it needs to be done. And of course, they couldn't just have come and asked me to do it.... they just wait months and months and let these things stack up. If I was dealing with the normal accounts, Dr's would be calling up shrieking for someone's head. Sigh. Sometimes I just can't figure people out. Luckily my customers are wonderful and love me, so noone has complained yet. What bothers me most is that they didn't come ask me about it... how do you just let your responsibilities slide that long?? and what would have happened if I hadn't been keeping track and asking them about it? Did they think it was just going to go away, and the people didn't really care if they got their money back? RRrrrrr... If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if they were afraid of me and avoiding a confrontation... but seriously, I am soooo non-scary. So I can only think all the people in their dept are lazy and have no work ethic. **Pets the patient, understanding livejournal**scratches behind it's ears for being such a good listener**gives it a yummy livejournal treat** Ah well... back to work for me.
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It's been a very easy day so far... the girl I'm taking over tracers from is out sick, so I've got all this free time that I had planned to spend going over stuff with her. I've worked a little bit on the embroidery for my chemise cuffs and have made little plans and illustrations for outfits I may or may not make. On the one hand, I can't totally goof off in case someone comes by, but I don't have to rush at all, which is kinda nice. And since we're supposed to be eating more often in little bits, I've been snacking here and there all morning. So I am well fed, unstressed, but not bored since I've been doing little things (work and play) throughout. Heehee... if only every day was this easy. Also, I'm thinking about maybe bringing in a little radio since I won't be on the phones in the afternoon anymore, so I should be able to listen to music. Yay Alice! I am entirely too positive, because it's not going to go all smooth and easy, but for today it is and I'm takin advantage of it. Good thing I don't have a book though, I'd be sooo tempted to read when I'm supposed to be working. Okeee... I think I'll go get some more fonts... that's kinda like work. :) Bye for now.
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I added a few pictures... not sure if they show up automatically or what.... guess we shall see. I still need to do some nice quality self-portraits soon. Most of my pics are pretty old. My next couple weekends are busy though. I need to have Nate show me how to hook the camera up to the TV anyhow, I've forgotten. On a positive note, my supervisor person came to me about changing my job before I went to her... I don't think I'm gonna like all of it though... one of the responsibilities she wants to give me isn't something I think I'll enjoy, and I think it takes way way more time than I'm going to get from the stuff I won't do anymore. We'll see though - it may just be taking the person that's doing it now a long time. Not everyone is as conscientious as me Heehee... well most of the time I'm conscientious. But I'm just still kinda happy that it's her idea and not mine... it gives me more maneuverability when/if I decide I don't like some of it. Yet I'm still getting what I want kinda. This is good. On a sewing note, I've been thinking about the cream velvet corset I'm in the midst of making.... I really think I'm using too much boning. So I may go through and make it every other channel or remove one out of three, or something like that. This may also mean I don't have to go buy more. We'll have to see... I don't know when I'm getting a chance to work on it anyhow.

Well, must post to see if it gives me a picture... I'm also not sure how to use one of the others... my drop down box only gives me the "default" option.


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