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Oooh, earlimorningness. I've been working on Project Top Secret Alpha Six (One of the few xmas gifts for Nate that he doesn't know what it is) and as a result I have not gotten my daily recommended quota of bedtime snuggles. Oh, and my little feets are cold. Poor me, eh?

Got email from Jeff re: the gift thing, and I think we are all good again, which is a good thing since it was on my mind all day. I don't like to be unhappy with people, esp friends. It's yuck. So yay happy make-up-ed-ness. Oooh! Must RSVP for Rois's New Years Eve party... hmmm... must sew soon. Not sure this weekend will be doable, since we must take down xmas stuffs and all the associated cleaning frenzy stuffs. Hmm. Shall ponder... I want to get back to my poor neglected sewing projects... heh... I'm such a fine example of holiday spirit - Crafty meets Gimme. I want all my neat stuff I'm making dammit!

Amyways, we finally made the gd divinity today. I'm telling you, the minions of hell are represented here on earth by sugary substances that will not will not WILL NOT lose their glossiness if it's the last thing they do. We tried to kill not one, not two, but THREE mixers this year, and it did not ever get matte. Oh well. It did turn out a lot better than last year's mess. Yum marshmallowy tasting uh... non-divinity. So Jay once again has large amounts of bite size taffy sort of stuff. Afterwards, we got chinese food. Yum chinese food. Yum. I digress.....

Brr, little toes are cold. They long for someone to kiss them and blow hot little breaths across their shivering uh... toeness. Boy, mebbe I should get this girl in bed eh? The toes are trying to write porn in order to get some heat. That can't be a good thing. Excerpt : Her bright red polish was saying "stop" but her saucy cuticle was crying "yes, yes!" and so we shacked up all summer in a cheap thong..... Mmm-hmm, my friends, this is right where you say, "See kids, that's what happens when you have alot of sugar and stay up late, don't do it". Meowmeowmeow... I want to go to bed and get warm but I have a hard time leaving disjointed ramblings... I wonder if 1:30 am is a good time to wake up the husband and demand conjugal visitation rights? He'd go for it, but he might regret it in the morning. Eh, it's not like he should be busy anyway right? ::The Amy kicks off her knitted slippers (ah the joy of my nubile naked toes) and heads to bed::
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Hehehe... Have to pick my mom up from the airport today. She is bringing back presents from my homeland (that would be Portland) and I am going to try and see what they are. *giggle* It should be fun. I'm not sure if I will spend most of the day over there or if she'll send me home. I need to grocery shop at some point. Still can't believe we're out of Malt O Meal. Ack n such!

Anyways, I am feeling much better than last night thanks to my sweetie, though I am a little yawny. Still, I should start getting up at a decent time. I was thinking last night - I think the reason I don't get as much done during the day as I think I should is because I'm only awake and out of bed for like 12 hrs. Bad bad bad. Must attempt to stop being lazy and get up the first time I naturally awaken. When you awaken, it usually means you've had enough sleep, not stay in bed and doze because it's warm and cuddly! So maybe that will be my uhhh... Dec. 19th resolution. Hmm, I wonder if I should make a new year's resolution. We will see.

Did not update over the weekend at all because it was so busy, and don't really want to now, so consider a flurry of happy things said about dinner with Trudy Friday; the Dickens Faire and meeting of people, including the Katlyn; the eternally lovely hosting couple Axis & Naomi, and the visit with them and other friends (note: no happy things said about trip betwixt Dicken's Faire and Axis' home save that we got there before we gave up); and exchanging gifts with Stasha & Rois (YAY! Thank yous!) and sewing goodness and movie goodness. Yay, good weekend.
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I've been entirely too lazy today...
Went yesterday to sew with Rois and Rob, got lots and lots done on the kimono. It is looking so gorgeous... I can't wait til it is wearable. (I say wearable not done because the embroidery is just going to go on forever...)
Also got a bunch of fabric stuffs that I should be planning projects for... not sure yet what I want to do with any of it. But yay fabric!

Today my sweet one is home sick so I've mostly just been taking care of him and messing around on the computer... Not a bad day, but I wish I was getting more accomplished. And I want to make some sort of little xmas gift thingies... not sure what yet, most of the online craft ideas are more kid-oriented...
Need to work on xmas wish list too but I don't know what to wish for.

I think before I do the embroidery for the kimono, maybe I'll do a little square of it first... like a sampler block. That way I can see how it looks and work out exactly what I'm doing. Sounds good hmm? And then I can frame the little blocks or whatnot and put them up or give them away or something. Yes, sounds good. Now I just need to get embroidery supplies. I cannot wait all the way til xmas so I am not putting them on my list, although I may find stuff that I want vs. need (hehe) that can go on the list. Okay, so the plan is, cut two or more squares of the leftover satin, draw one with leaf design and one with blossom design, embroider both, and then decide which I like better. Good plan.

Need to plan Thanksgiving menu for four... I'm off to look at cookbooks & Bon Appetit's.
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has been busy but happy. Saturday we went to the nursery and got soil/bark/food/pots for the new orchids, and had lunch at Chili's. I lovelovelove their veggie & smoked cheese quesadillas. Yumm. Came home and started the transplanting process. Then it was time for the boys to work on the server and me to whisk together sewing projects, so I took the cream corset and the duvet project and also my beading stuff in case I needed a change, got my machine settled in it's case, and drove over to Rois's place. Got lost. Third time going there, still had directions with me, but missed my exit and ended up circling around a bit, but DID finally make it there without having to ask for help. Woohoo! Good for me, self-sufficiency, and I was only a few minutes late. Got to say hi to Kat-the-poet before she had to go, and settled down to finish the edging on the corset. Didn't have quite enough ribbon, but finished everything but one front edge, including putting in the little eyelets. My crimper thing is starting to dislike putting them in though - I may have to switch to the sturdier 2 part things. But yay! It's almost done.
Found my two white squares for the duvet, cut 3 matching blue squares out, and unfolded the duvet-in-progress only to find that... it was already a 5x5 grid. Hmmm. Must have forgotten I finished that part of it. So did no work on that as I have to go back and figure out what the next step is... I think I was planning on edging/framing the checkerboard section in blue. I may need more. We'll see. So instead, I worked on my beading and wished I had brought my blackwork. Blackwork and beading are also very close to being finished... yay! Double yay! I'm thrilled. This means soon I can start on the black pvc corset and also the kimono project. And I also need to figure out the next steps for the duvet. Soon I'll be able to start on matching red irredescent curtains (matching the black and red side, not the blue and white side) yumm! So all in all, I'm a very happy little seamstress. Did I mention again that Rois is just the most wonderful person and stuff? I always have a fun time and actually accomplish stuff too. And we had Rosemary shortbread things from the Axis, although he couldn't come sew with us.
Eventually I tired of beading and scooped everything together to head home - arrived there without getting lost (if I'm repetitive, sorry, but I was thrilled - I hate getting lost) and headed out to Pirates of Emerson in Fremont with the husband and little brother. Yay fun screaming. I think last year was a little better but still lots of fun and we all got frightened, which alot of the haunted house places can't accomplish. Course the screw-up-your-depth-perception glasses help - Jay tried to take his off, you know, so he could see where he was going since he was in front. We wouldn't let him, cuz then he wouldn't be as scareable. So had a good time, then dropped him at home and brought ourselves home and into bed.

Sunday: lounged forever, so not much done yet, but we did grab donuts, get the oil changed in my car, get the ribbon I need for the corset, and get the pen sander item Nate needs to fix my rear windshield wiper issue. Also got a licence plate cover, blank with letters, have to figure out what I want to say on it. Plans for today: finish the corset, finish the orchid stuff, some housecleaning, and then I'm not sure what.


Sep. 23rd, 2001 09:10 pm
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Just got back from sewing circle and had lots of fun... met many of the wonderful people I've seen/heard of on here, and got some more beading and some blackwork done. Yay progress! I cannot wait until these projects are done so I can start new stuff... I think I'm going to do the batwings/corset project next... I think I'm going to go with Rois's idea of making it so the wings can be taken off, for versatility. Also I want to do my kimono second next :) Need to find gorgeous gorgeous fabric for that. And then... hmmm... maybe finish my duvet that's been untouched these many months. Once I finish the blocks on the blue & white side, I can stitch together and then I can do detail work and make the red curtains... oooh glorious bedding, I love it. Don't know what I'm going to accessorise with on the blue & white side yet.... Nate doesn't want it to be too too girly so I'll prolly have to avoid bows... course he might let me get away with it just so the darn thing gets DONE. :) I really really want to make silky bemberg sheets.... I am so pushing my sewing abilities though. Actually, it's really my ironing abilities I'm worried about so I can make that tiny unnoticable seam. But make no mistake, I will have these sheets!! Actually I want a whole wardrobe of the stuff... esp some nice black pants that are really really full. Must order fabric for pants and swatches so I can choose color for sheets... yes, I have enough other projects, but I just never learn....


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