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So we were at my mom's for some loving abuse and uno fun... not many trick-or-treaters... though we did get one largish group, with adults also carrying bags to get candy.... Now I don't mind adult trick-or-treaters, but um, YOU HAVE TO DRESS UP! If you are not wearing a costume or anything, I mean, not even a festive little halloween lapel pin for goshsakes, you should not be trick or treating. I mean duh.

Oh well. So I didn't stay up all that late but the day seems to be going reluctantly.... it was hard to get up for work, the internet doesn't want to cooperate with me, things are just generally seeming like I have to fight through everything instead of it flowing along nicely. I am mildly sick, enough to be annoying but not really a need-to-go-home sort of thing. And I feel sticky for some reason, although it is neither hot not humid. I'll stop whining, really I will....

Positive thoughts: only a week more til I am done working here; Jeff Halloween pictures in my email waiting for me to download them; Sewing circle this Saturday (probably attending - should email/rsvp); no Halloween decorations to take down since I didn't put any up this year; new calendar page to look at.
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I plan to be a little ogress chickie, a la Shrek. Green make up should be no problem - will have to dig to find the makeup stuff though. But I'm not sure re: the ear thingies. All in all, I think it will be really cute - if I can pull it off. I am onto the web to gather ogress piccies to work from - hmmm... has anyone seen Shrek stuff in the costume stores? I wonder if I could just pick the little ear things up.....

Oh, and the cute asian guy at my work that I'm not sure if I know from somewhere else or not? He suggested I go as Lady Godiva....
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Mmmmmm Lazy....

Yesterday was busyish... Nate did a wonderful detailed report in his journal. Got a bunch of delicious heavy satin in a black indigo color. Enough for the kimono and then some. Maybe I will make a matching corset, if I get good at them. Got black ribbon to edge it in, but I might change my mind and go for something that's more of a different color. The satin is plain not brocade, so I'm tempted to try and paint something on it. We'll see - I haven't done fabric painting before, my painting isn't always that fabulous anyhow, and I'm not sure what I would want on it. Still need to decide if I want to chunk up the fabric into smaller pieces to be more historically accurate in the construction, or just cut out the pieces the way I need them. Hmmm. Anyone have any kimono-making resources with patterns/instructions? I may get a pattern for a wrap blouse or robe or something just as a guide for that part. But I'm a little unclear on details - I can fake it but would prefer for it to be right.

What else? Went to Marine World's FrightFest thing... overpriced and too crowded, but we still had fun.
Still need to decide how to dress for Halloween at work. Probably should have thought about it before - I can't think of anything that I both CAN do and WANT to do. Maybe I'll just skip it. Hmmm... maybe a witch. Witch hats can't be too hard to come by, and I could take it off for while I'm on the phone. Hmm. Will see (I'm such a last-minute person - last year I decided to be a cat and was sewing the tail that morning before driving in to work).
I think that's it kiddos - hope everyone is having fun at this weekend's festivities.


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