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Looks like it's been a while since I updated...

The good news is that toddler bones heal really quickly. Ryan was out of his splint and back to fearless hijinks after a week. One crisis over with, we moved right into another - Gandalf, our youngest kitty, had swelling on one side of his face - an infection from one altercation or another :( Emergency vet visit ensued - expensive but effective - and he healed up nicely. When he was finally allowed back outside, he promptly disappeared and it was discovered that he'd somehow gotten trapped in the workshop. Poor kitty just can't catch a break :( Lots of food and water and cuddles later, he appears no worse for wear, and I'm really hoping we're done with bad luck for now.

Alex had a pretty mellow spring break. It was earlier than I'd expected and didn't match up to friends' kids' breaks. He played outside with the neighbor children a lot, and we made a day trip to Nate's work (to have lunch and visit people... ended up kidnapping him since it was really slow there). We also had a great trip to the zoo on the weekend... Alex wasn't that into zoos when he was little, but loves them now that he's older and Ryan has a good time too. We're debating whether it would be worth it to get a membership.

Found out after the fact that we'd missed being invited to a family function (a going away thing for my Uncle Mark) where there was MUCH family drama. The fallout is still being observed... not sure if it's going to blow over or not.

My dad is recovering well from his stroke, though it is now uncertain whether he'll make a full recovery after all. He is well enough that he was able to move back into his apartment as he no longer needs a full time caregiver. So that was good. Honestly, the whole situation has kicked up a lot of (sometimes contradictory) emotions in me. I haven't been the best daughter in terms of keeping in touch with him... it's something I want to work on.

Beth (Nate's pseudomom) was down for a visit from Canada, so we had a lot of good family gathering time with that side of the family. I was still struggling a lot with my emotional equilibrium at that point... something that has gotten better but perhaps still needs more help - we'll see. I've seen so many doctors (mostly my own) that I've been really really sick of all things medical, even though for the most part I really like my doctors.

We also found out recently that Mike and Shannon will be moving Portland-wards this year. Timing depends on his job transfer, so could come at any time. It's sad to have them moving so far away, and especially for Nate who doesn't have a lot of local friends, and none with the same history he and Mike have.

Nate had a business trip at the end of April down to San Diego. It ended up not being too bad... my meds had settled down to leave me in a good space, and me and the kids were able to do a skype video call with him one night. Ryan still missed him a lot... Alex had been well prepared on what to expect and so coped pretty well.

More to talk about but think I shall wrap this up for now since it's pretty long already. Love to everyone reading this <3
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