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Well that went well!
Mother & brother were only 2 hrs late which is pretty good.... Good amount of snackiness and played some Trivial Pursuit... I was tied for first when we stopped. Started preheating the oven, only to find out my mom had put the hors d'oevres back in without telling me, so they got a little burned but we were done with them anyhow, so no harm done. (We're calling them Indians-in-Papooses since it's Thanksgiving... later on, my brother observed that they must have been Blackfoots... I love my family)

Anyhow, my mom was a great help in the kitchen, and together we juggled everything and managed to have it all ready at the same time... woohoo! Quite an accomplishment.... nothing got burned, nothing needed more time... it was great. It was yummm and not too many leftovers... some corn,some of the pistachio-marshmallow salad, some sweet potatoes, and yummm punkin roll. But it's all in the 1-2 serving range, which is perfect. No real bickering, it was just all enjoyable and nice. And mom & me whooped the boys at hands & feet during dessert.

Tomorrow, they are going to fix the little dent on my car... this is also cool. I think I will try to decide how I want to rearrange the living room for Christmas. I also want a few serving tray/entertaining things that I realized I don't have... woohoo xmas list ideas!

I also need to start on the sachets... if I have time tomorrow I may decide what materials I want to use and start on the cutting. Still need to pick up potpourri stuff. Don't think I want to try and shop for anything tomorrow though...

I feel all content and satisfied... I did not expect today to go so smoothly and without problems...
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I have started the kimono... yippee! I am altering the pattern slightly... Since I'm not being uber-authentic by cutting it all into 14" lengths anyhow, I just couldn't justify cutting the fabric just to fray check the edges and sew it back together how it was before... so the side seams just won't exist. Instead, it will be smooth unseamed fabric around the body. Oh, what a hardship. I am beginning the fray check process where I've cut slits for the sleeves to be attached. Says it needs to dry 15-30 minutes... so I figured I would come update. Then I will go cut the sleeves. I am going to have much less extra fabric than I originally thought. I may need to go get more to have enough for the corset, but not sure yet. I haven't decided on the lining yet, but all the satin was calling to me and I could not resist getting started. It is yummy to play with, don't know how amenable it will be to being sewn though... I may have to break down and pin stuff if it's not cooperative. I have decided not to do a giant dragon on the center back, but will be doing the smaller motif thing I mentioned... still not sure what though. Maybe small dragons, maybe cherry blossoms, maybe a dragon and a tiger... oh who knows. Thought about butterflies but it just doesn't seem to fit. In inside light the purpleness doesn't show as much... it looks more midnight blue than indigo. I'm still leaning towards metallics for the embroidery... silver, gold, copper... not sure which yet. With maybe white to accent depending on what I put on it. And what I get to line/edge with. For a moment, I thought about doing a full lining so it is reversible but I'm not sure I'm that insane just yet. My, time goes slowly when you're waiting for stuff to dry, eh?
In other news, my beloved is home sick today... he is doing some work-from-home stuff though so it's not like I'm neglecting him to sew. He has this cold thing much worse than I do, but I'm hoping it's just going faster for him and so he will be well sooner. I feel much better myself.
Re: Thanksgiving... we will only be 4-5 people so it won't be a huge festivity thing... seems silly to do a whole turkey, I am thinking about doing a turkey breast or maybe chicken cordon bleu or something like that. Of course, I could do a turkey and just force leftovers on people. This will be the 2nd Thanksgiving I've done myself... since I am at home and will have time, I really want to do special yummy things that people will love. But am trying not to plan too much food since it will be a small gathering.
Well I am off to look for nice kimono design/ornamentation stuff... I'm sure there will be more updates on my progress :)


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