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Ended up calling in sick today (surprise surprise) and got a bunch of the stuff I'm doing for my mom sewn up... took it over there for her to ooh and ahh over & try on... brought home to do slight alterations. Learned that grommets don't like single layers of thin cloth, learned how to do buttonholes on HER machine (still need to see what equipment I have for mine) , did a cute little applique on one of the tops and got hooked into applique-ing all the other stuff I make... heehee... I need to remember to do cute adorable time consuming details at the end.... So I feel good as I got quite a bit done (though none of it for me) and not at all guilty about work - though I'll probably go in tomorrow. She's off tomorrow due to the shingles thing, though... I'm so tempted to do more mother/daughter bonding. But it's hard to justify even though they don't need me at work right now. Technically, I'm not really sick - I think yesterday was just a stress reaction. Not sure what my plans for the weekend are - likely finishing up the alterations so she can wear her new scrubs to work on Monday and show off to coworkers. Would like to finish the corset too, and I have a special something I'm doing for my darling dearest... that'll prolly happen this weekend. Still want to take some self-pics, need to do laundry... heehee... I was bad, I should have done it today whilst I was home. Yeek. I'd better go before my to-do list gets too long!


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