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I hate short skirts.
Or rather, I love short skirts, but hate the fact that whoever makes them thinks that the length should be the same in the front and in the back. Darling dear clothing designers.... I hate to break this to you... but women have butts. And many of us, like me, don't exactly have small ones. Design the damn skirts so that there is enough material to keep us decent!! It would be really nice if it was enough to keep us decent when we sit down or bend over too, but since that requires a miracle, I won't hold my breath. How about just something we can walk around in without flashing our panties in, hmm?
In typical martyr fashion, I guess it's up to me :) I foresee alot of skirt outfits in my sewing future.
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Yay! Last day of work is over and done!
I feel very relieved to have a bit of freedom. It will be very nice to relax and have more time for projects and such. Once school starts, I'm not sure how much free time I will have, but for now I intend to take advantage of it. I do have Thanksgiving, etc. coming up too, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to do in the next couple weeks. But I am thrilled... I can stay up late, I can sleep in, I can do all the little cleaning/organizing things I haven't had time for... It's just nice!

I think tomorrow I may start the kimono project. Haven't worked with the fraycheck stuff before, so it should be interesting... maybe I will make a little barbie-doll size one first to get the hang of it. Maybe not. We shall see!

Still need to find out what the heck I want as far as the embroidery goes. Yes, my beloved sewing group, you will be seeing alot of this project I think. Especially if I decide to do something big. Which knowing me... heehee... well it's quite likely. And I need to finish measuring/designing pattern for the pvc corset project. And then I think I need to just hang around Rois until her incredible abilities rub off on me... mmmmm, I need beautiful corset making skills. Yes I do.
On a related note, I'm feeling intimidated by the wing part of the project.... I just can't decide how the boning/support in them is going to work. So those may be put off for a while. The corset part is what I would wear more often anyhow.
Re: duvet cover.... still need to figure out what's going on with that. Next week - remeasure and try and remember what I was doing with it. Decide how it's going to close... I'm leaning towards snaps since I think the zippers would need to just be insanely long, and I don't have much practice with zippers anyhow.
Oh, and soon I need to attach that elastic to the feather mattress and/or our sheets. This one is way way better about not losing feathers, but it doesn't like to stay put on the bed.
Need to make Christmas lists... I'd like to get everything done early this year. We'll see how doable it is... I kinda want to do something personal this year, since I have time, but I'm not sure what.
Tomorrow I should also go to the grocery store whilst it is not so busy. We are out of juice and a couple other things I think. It's strange... in some ways, I think this is a good move for me as far as gaining more independence... I am such such such a depending kind of person in many ways. I don't want that to neccessarily change, but I want to be that way by choice, not because I don't have the ability to do things on my own. Errrr... did that make sense? Ah well... not a big thing either way... I am happy with where I am, I am happy with where I'm going.
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Mmmm... I'm sleepy. But happy.
For serious colds, I'm a Dimetapp 12-hour girl, but for this annoying thing I've got, I'm using Dayquil.... I'm happier with it than I expected to be.... I expected to be drugged out spacey and wired on top of it.... instead, I felt pretty much normal... Woohoo no stuffiness or headache! Anyhow, on for tomorrow: work on corset pattern more, define measurements for kimono pattern, go to fabric store for fray-check and maybe a really nice brocade to line and/or trim the kimono... enough so I can make a matching corset later. And I think enough to make an obi... not sure how often I'll actually use it, but it will be nice to have. If I can't find a nice brocade, maybe I'll do that lace overlay thing Rois does that looks so gorgeous... so either fabric, or lace, and I'm leaning towards a metallic but not sure if silver or gold. Course I may end up with something completely different. But I need to go tuck myself into bed so my sleep schedule isn't TOO screwed up... Night lovelies
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Mmmmmm Lazy....

Yesterday was busyish... Nate did a wonderful detailed report in his journal. Got a bunch of delicious heavy satin in a black indigo color. Enough for the kimono and then some. Maybe I will make a matching corset, if I get good at them. Got black ribbon to edge it in, but I might change my mind and go for something that's more of a different color. The satin is plain not brocade, so I'm tempted to try and paint something on it. We'll see - I haven't done fabric painting before, my painting isn't always that fabulous anyhow, and I'm not sure what I would want on it. Still need to decide if I want to chunk up the fabric into smaller pieces to be more historically accurate in the construction, or just cut out the pieces the way I need them. Hmmm. Anyone have any kimono-making resources with patterns/instructions? I may get a pattern for a wrap blouse or robe or something just as a guide for that part. But I'm a little unclear on details - I can fake it but would prefer for it to be right.

What else? Went to Marine World's FrightFest thing... overpriced and too crowded, but we still had fun.
Still need to decide how to dress for Halloween at work. Probably should have thought about it before - I can't think of anything that I both CAN do and WANT to do. Maybe I'll just skip it. Hmmm... maybe a witch. Witch hats can't be too hard to come by, and I could take it off for while I'm on the phone. Hmm. Will see (I'm such a last-minute person - last year I decided to be a cat and was sewing the tail that morning before driving in to work).
I think that's it kiddos - hope everyone is having fun at this weekend's festivities.
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Hmmm... some blur going on... so I'll prob retake them sometime. But if you wanna see, go to:

Home sick

Oct. 24th, 2001 02:06 pm
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Stayed home sick with my bunny... Don't feel that terrible now, to be completely honest, but I sure as heck was not up to what my usual workday has become, and I was not feelin great this morning. Got much more sleep than I deserved and have been a relatively benign person what with cleaning the house and such.

On the agenda today: prob more cleaning, still alot of that to do, finishing up the corset and blackwork projects, and maybe some playtime later, and need to whip out a letter of resignation since I didn't do it last night. I'm sticking to the "to pursue my academic goals" reason, rather than being vindictive and listing their faults and sins. Sigh... sometimes it's no fun to be a grown up about things, but it will make me a happier healthier Amy in the long run. And they just needn't know that I hadn't planned to leave til Jan or Feb or somewhere in there.

Need to find out if my credit union goes away when I quit, need to get transcripts for application process, need to plan finances and see what the budget will allow for without me working. I'm just thankful that I have the opportunity to do this, someone to support and encourage me while I do, and the dedication to pursue it instead of taking the easy way of just continuing to drift along where it's safer.
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Cleaned out the fridge, pasta is boiling. Decided on "Mostly An Angel" for my licence plate frame... once I had the 'Mostly' on there, I was really tempted to put 'Harmless' instead. *giggle* Except in my case, completely and utterly harmless might be more apropo. Still, I'm happy, though now I want to get devil/angel stickers to decorate it with.
Recreational To Do List: Grommet cream corset, try on, take pictures.
Get measurements for pattern-making of kimono and corset.
Get pumpkin? To paint pumpkin or to carve pumpkin? Hmm.

List is longer but pasta wants attention.
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Well we took care of all the orchids and cleared off the shelfie for them... I also set up my faux orchid while we had all the bark and stuff out. For the live ones, I'm wondering if I should set up like a little potpourri simmerer thingie with just water to give them warm steaminess, esp at night when it gets chilly. I think I have one but I'm not sure where. Did some work on the corset - finished going around the shoulder strap grommets with floss, & sewed on the last ribbon edge. All that is left is grommeting this last edge and then trying it on! yay! Did not think of short clever saying/title for the licence plate frame - accepting applications if anyone thinks of anything. Bunny fixed dinner for us - he's so sweet. All in all, I feel like it was a very good weekend; had lots of fun, got lots done, and while I don't exactly WANT to go to work tomorrow, I do feel rested and such. Oh, and we dropped off the other disposable underwater camera... need to pick up the pictures! More fishies and stuff, plus whatever we took pics of to use up the film.
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has been busy but happy. Saturday we went to the nursery and got soil/bark/food/pots for the new orchids, and had lunch at Chili's. I lovelovelove their veggie & smoked cheese quesadillas. Yumm. Came home and started the transplanting process. Then it was time for the boys to work on the server and me to whisk together sewing projects, so I took the cream corset and the duvet project and also my beading stuff in case I needed a change, got my machine settled in it's case, and drove over to Rois's place. Got lost. Third time going there, still had directions with me, but missed my exit and ended up circling around a bit, but DID finally make it there without having to ask for help. Woohoo! Good for me, self-sufficiency, and I was only a few minutes late. Got to say hi to Kat-the-poet before she had to go, and settled down to finish the edging on the corset. Didn't have quite enough ribbon, but finished everything but one front edge, including putting in the little eyelets. My crimper thing is starting to dislike putting them in though - I may have to switch to the sturdier 2 part things. But yay! It's almost done.
Found my two white squares for the duvet, cut 3 matching blue squares out, and unfolded the duvet-in-progress only to find that... it was already a 5x5 grid. Hmmm. Must have forgotten I finished that part of it. So did no work on that as I have to go back and figure out what the next step is... I think I was planning on edging/framing the checkerboard section in blue. I may need more. We'll see. So instead, I worked on my beading and wished I had brought my blackwork. Blackwork and beading are also very close to being finished... yay! Double yay! I'm thrilled. This means soon I can start on the black pvc corset and also the kimono project. And I also need to figure out the next steps for the duvet. Soon I'll be able to start on matching red irredescent curtains (matching the black and red side, not the blue and white side) yumm! So all in all, I'm a very happy little seamstress. Did I mention again that Rois is just the most wonderful person and stuff? I always have a fun time and actually accomplish stuff too. And we had Rosemary shortbread things from the Axis, although he couldn't come sew with us.
Eventually I tired of beading and scooped everything together to head home - arrived there without getting lost (if I'm repetitive, sorry, but I was thrilled - I hate getting lost) and headed out to Pirates of Emerson in Fremont with the husband and little brother. Yay fun screaming. I think last year was a little better but still lots of fun and we all got frightened, which alot of the haunted house places can't accomplish. Course the screw-up-your-depth-perception glasses help - Jay tried to take his off, you know, so he could see where he was going since he was in front. We wouldn't let him, cuz then he wouldn't be as scareable. So had a good time, then dropped him at home and brought ourselves home and into bed.

Sunday: lounged forever, so not much done yet, but we did grab donuts, get the oil changed in my car, get the ribbon I need for the corset, and get the pen sander item Nate needs to fix my rear windshield wiper issue. Also got a licence plate cover, blank with letters, have to figure out what I want to say on it. Plans for today: finish the corset, finish the orchid stuff, some housecleaning, and then I'm not sure what.
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Okay... I think I might be able to link pics to lj now.... let's try.
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I have ALOT of black pvc... woohoo!! I decided to just make the wings out of it too, instead of fussing with the liquid latex. At least for the first attempt... So now I really really need to finish the cream corset so I can start this one. I also need to come up with fairly firm numbers as far as what I want the wing dimensions to be - tricky tricky. So measurements, then patterning the corset in the black cottony stuff, and I think I'll want to wear that just a bit so it works itself out a bit, then on with the pvc... hmmm... I wonder what's safe to use with pvc, as far as glues and rubber cements and such... hmmmmmmmm. Must ask Rois, resident Goddess of Sewing.
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I will be ordering my bemberg tomorrow... I hope I hope I hope it is absolutely the same stuff as my skirt. If not, I will find out before I buy gobs of it...
I also need to get to a fabric store this week... I'd like to whip up some sarongs for our trip and I need to get some black material and pvc for the batwing corset project... BTW -- I would like some opinions here regarding the edges. The initial plan was to just edge it in the same black pvc I use for the body of the corset. However, I've been thinking, and I'll almost definitely always be wearing this with other black clothes - so I'm wondering if I should edge it in some contrasting color and/or material - any thoughts on what would look good? Plenty of time before I get to the edging stage, but I like to plan ahead....


Sep. 23rd, 2001 09:10 pm
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Just got back from sewing circle and had lots of fun... met many of the wonderful people I've seen/heard of on here, and got some more beading and some blackwork done. Yay progress! I cannot wait until these projects are done so I can start new stuff... I think I'm going to do the batwings/corset project next... I think I'm going to go with Rois's idea of making it so the wings can be taken off, for versatility. Also I want to do my kimono second next :) Need to find gorgeous gorgeous fabric for that. And then... hmmm... maybe finish my duvet that's been untouched these many months. Once I finish the blocks on the blue & white side, I can stitch together and then I can do detail work and make the red curtains... oooh glorious bedding, I love it. Don't know what I'm going to accessorise with on the blue & white side yet.... Nate doesn't want it to be too too girly so I'll prolly have to avoid bows... course he might let me get away with it just so the darn thing gets DONE. :) I really really want to make silky bemberg sheets.... I am so pushing my sewing abilities though. Actually, it's really my ironing abilities I'm worried about so I can make that tiny unnoticable seam. But make no mistake, I will have these sheets!! Actually I want a whole wardrobe of the stuff... esp some nice black pants that are really really full. Must order fabric for pants and swatches so I can choose color for sheets... yes, I have enough other projects, but I just never learn....


Sep. 19th, 2001 08:25 pm
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well part two of the corset is trimmed... now I just have to do part three!
*Makes ugly face*
Not tonight though... I've had enough. It does look pretty though. Maybe I should start doing the grommeting stuffs...
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Well, Nate ended up working late last night, that new virus thing, so I didn't really get anything done... stayed home and chatted with friends a bit. On the upside, he was home before eleven so I didn't have to try to sleep without him there, and it looks as if he may not have to work this weekend after all. Did some sketching yesterday for a possible pic for the Darkthreads group... never did really find out what they're looking for, but it's poss they don't know either. So, we'll give this a whirl and see how they like it. I think it would look better if it was a 3D rendering instead of a drawing, but I don't think I'm quite up to learning how to do that yet. Have an idea in mind for another graphic for them, but not sure how workable it is.... so this one first. If they don't like it, I'll still be happy for having done some creative stuff. Most of my "porfolio" is from highschool or earlier, and my skills have improved alot since then. I still want to give a try to some nice Olivia-esque watercolors but... hehe.. I have too many projects as it is. I've been considering my bat wing idea alot lately, and am very skeptical that it will be done by Halloween time, which sucks.... I am considering temporarily abandoning it until after the holiday season and then just having it ready for next year. Must still consider - I want them! But have to be realistic too. In two weeks I'll be in Hawaii... definitely won't be even thinking of sewing then. Want to get out to the Ren Faire at least one more weekend, and probably to Marine World too as we did really enjoy their haunted house stuffs last year. Which leaves me pretty limited on time to work on stuffs, and as mentioned, I've got alot of stuffs to work on. I need to start trying to squeeze stuff in on weeknights... even if I only do 20 or 30 minutes of work, I'll at least be making progress on something. Some days, I could talk to myself forever kicking stuff around - however, they want me to get work done here. May update at lunch.
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I really was tired enough to go to bed the last time I posted... but I got distracted by my latest clothing crush (making a kimono to wear beneath a corset a la and suddenly it's two o'clock... now how did that HAPPEN? To summarize - found very little help as far as kimono patterning, but it looks kinda easyish - I'm just going to fake it and who cares if the sleeve length is indicative of an unmarried woman? I like long sleevies! Heehee... now I have to find the perfect fabric for this... ah, the eternal struggle of finding something completely gorgeous at a price I'm willing to pay. At this point, I'm just happy I'm not trying to get into the origami-esque obi folding.. I don't think obi's would look that cute over a corset. Heh - someone needs to hide the internet from me before I see more things that I *need* to have and can *probably* make...
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Friday night did some work on the stuff for my mom. Got the pants done, took in the one top, did the blue scruncii, got some work done on the second top. Took the finished stuff over today so she has stuff to wear Monday :) I love positive feedback. Didn't get much else done today though - looked at the sewing pile and just had no interest. So did a smidge of cleaning, played a bit of cards with my brother. One hand of hands and feet was bad enough to quit the game, but then we played Uno, and we play CHANNELLING Uno, so that was great... then we watched our new DVD once we came home. I think that's it... Still have a loveseat full of laundry-to-be-folded and sewing and such... ahh! We did also shop for the neice - Pediatrician Barbie. My, but I hope people like knowing every unimportant detail... :) well at least some people do. Aaaaaand... I think that's really it. Elf... I need to write when I'm not sleepy.. this prob is pretty dumb. I promise, I really was interesting and witty once upon a time...
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Ended up calling in sick today (surprise surprise) and got a bunch of the stuff I'm doing for my mom sewn up... took it over there for her to ooh and ahh over & try on... brought home to do slight alterations. Learned that grommets don't like single layers of thin cloth, learned how to do buttonholes on HER machine (still need to see what equipment I have for mine) , did a cute little applique on one of the tops and got hooked into applique-ing all the other stuff I make... heehee... I need to remember to do cute adorable time consuming details at the end.... So I feel good as I got quite a bit done (though none of it for me) and not at all guilty about work - though I'll probably go in tomorrow. She's off tomorrow due to the shingles thing, though... I'm so tempted to do more mother/daughter bonding. But it's hard to justify even though they don't need me at work right now. Technically, I'm not really sick - I think yesterday was just a stress reaction. Not sure what my plans for the weekend are - likely finishing up the alterations so she can wear her new scrubs to work on Monday and show off to coworkers. Would like to finish the corset too, and I have a special something I'm doing for my darling dearest... that'll prolly happen this weekend. Still want to take some self-pics, need to do laundry... heehee... I was bad, I should have done it today whilst I was home. Yeek. I'd better go before my to-do list gets too long!
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Well it would seem most of the military is busy with things besides ordering contact lenses. It's been a slow day which is QUITE a change. And I learned about fan-lacing a corset. Not sure how useful the knowledge is, I'm not sure if I like the look of it. But I love to know obscure things, so it's good. It might look better if I did it on the front and back of something, and put the attaching part on the sides. Still, I'm not excited enough about it to really plan anything.
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I cannot decide if little embroidered butterflies would be a good look for the brown velveteen dress or not... I sketched out a little graphy blackwork guide for one this morning to cheer up. I'm thinking maybe in gold thread. I'm not sure how well they'll show up though. Hmm... maybe I can do some in a creamy white thread too... if I use thick enough thread it should show up. Hmmm hmmm hmm. I should look at the fabric when I get home... I don't think the threads are going to be as nice and easy to count as my lineny stuff. I wonder if I can just stick some small graph paper on there, sew over it, and then tear it off from around the stitches? Bears investigation - will update as I learn more :)


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