Home sick

Oct. 24th, 2001 02:06 pm
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Stayed home sick with my bunny... Don't feel that terrible now, to be completely honest, but I sure as heck was not up to what my usual workday has become, and I was not feelin great this morning. Got much more sleep than I deserved and have been a relatively benign person what with cleaning the house and such.

On the agenda today: prob more cleaning, still alot of that to do, finishing up the corset and blackwork projects, and maybe some playtime later, and need to whip out a letter of resignation since I didn't do it last night. I'm sticking to the "to pursue my academic goals" reason, rather than being vindictive and listing their faults and sins. Sigh... sometimes it's no fun to be a grown up about things, but it will make me a happier healthier Amy in the long run. And they just needn't know that I hadn't planned to leave til Jan or Feb or somewhere in there.

Need to find out if my credit union goes away when I quit, need to get transcripts for application process, need to plan finances and see what the budget will allow for without me working. I'm just thankful that I have the opportunity to do this, someone to support and encourage me while I do, and the dedication to pursue it instead of taking the easy way of just continuing to drift along where it's safer.

Pop Quiz

Oct. 23rd, 2001 03:21 pm
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Planning to quit my job to go back to college, and because they have just been really really treating me poorly - How much should I give em?
A) Until the end of this week.
B) Standard 2 weeks
C) More than 2 weeks (my jobs are complex and require alot of training - however, if I stay long enough to give them the training, I think the company will just squander the time and the new person will still not really get it)
D) Other _____________

On the one hand, I hate to screw up my employment history by giving short notice, but on the other hand, don't new employers maybe understand that sometimes it's warranted? Also, I won't neccessarily be looking for a new job right away, and if I do, it's likely to be something part-time with flexible hours that I can do while I learn - likely to not pay as well but also not be as picky.


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