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Well we took care of all the orchids and cleared off the shelfie for them... I also set up my faux orchid while we had all the bark and stuff out. For the live ones, I'm wondering if I should set up like a little potpourri simmerer thingie with just water to give them warm steaminess, esp at night when it gets chilly. I think I have one but I'm not sure where. Did some work on the corset - finished going around the shoulder strap grommets with floss, & sewed on the last ribbon edge. All that is left is grommeting this last edge and then trying it on! yay! Did not think of short clever saying/title for the licence plate frame - accepting applications if anyone thinks of anything. Bunny fixed dinner for us - he's so sweet. All in all, I feel like it was a very good weekend; had lots of fun, got lots done, and while I don't exactly WANT to go to work tomorrow, I do feel rested and such. Oh, and we dropped off the other disposable underwater camera... need to pick up the pictures! More fishies and stuff, plus whatever we took pics of to use up the film.
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has been busy but happy. Saturday we went to the nursery and got soil/bark/food/pots for the new orchids, and had lunch at Chili's. I lovelovelove their veggie & smoked cheese quesadillas. Yumm. Came home and started the transplanting process. Then it was time for the boys to work on the server and me to whisk together sewing projects, so I took the cream corset and the duvet project and also my beading stuff in case I needed a change, got my machine settled in it's case, and drove over to Rois's place. Got lost. Third time going there, still had directions with me, but missed my exit and ended up circling around a bit, but DID finally make it there without having to ask for help. Woohoo! Good for me, self-sufficiency, and I was only a few minutes late. Got to say hi to Kat-the-poet before she had to go, and settled down to finish the edging on the corset. Didn't have quite enough ribbon, but finished everything but one front edge, including putting in the little eyelets. My crimper thing is starting to dislike putting them in though - I may have to switch to the sturdier 2 part things. But yay! It's almost done.
Found my two white squares for the duvet, cut 3 matching blue squares out, and unfolded the duvet-in-progress only to find that... it was already a 5x5 grid. Hmmm. Must have forgotten I finished that part of it. So did no work on that as I have to go back and figure out what the next step is... I think I was planning on edging/framing the checkerboard section in blue. I may need more. We'll see. So instead, I worked on my beading and wished I had brought my blackwork. Blackwork and beading are also very close to being finished... yay! Double yay! I'm thrilled. This means soon I can start on the black pvc corset and also the kimono project. And I also need to figure out the next steps for the duvet. Soon I'll be able to start on matching red irredescent curtains (matching the black and red side, not the blue and white side) yumm! So all in all, I'm a very happy little seamstress. Did I mention again that Rois is just the most wonderful person and stuff? I always have a fun time and actually accomplish stuff too. And we had Rosemary shortbread things from the Axis, although he couldn't come sew with us.
Eventually I tired of beading and scooped everything together to head home - arrived there without getting lost (if I'm repetitive, sorry, but I was thrilled - I hate getting lost) and headed out to Pirates of Emerson in Fremont with the husband and little brother. Yay fun screaming. I think last year was a little better but still lots of fun and we all got frightened, which alot of the haunted house places can't accomplish. Course the screw-up-your-depth-perception glasses help - Jay tried to take his off, you know, so he could see where he was going since he was in front. We wouldn't let him, cuz then he wouldn't be as scareable. So had a good time, then dropped him at home and brought ourselves home and into bed.

Sunday: lounged forever, so not much done yet, but we did grab donuts, get the oil changed in my car, get the ribbon I need for the corset, and get the pen sander item Nate needs to fix my rear windshield wiper issue. Also got a licence plate cover, blank with letters, have to figure out what I want to say on it. Plans for today: finish the corset, finish the orchid stuff, some housecleaning, and then I'm not sure what.


Oct. 19th, 2001 12:52 pm
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Work has not been too bad since Wednesday... one of my major project accts has been almost inactive since Tuesday, which allowed me to take care of a large chunk of stuff that just hadn't been getting done. Still haven't had my meeting with the boss people that was supposed to happen Tuesday (there were more details on that, but LJ was eating posts at the time) so that sucks although it's not surprising. Still, I plan on using this sudden decline as probably proof of how sales will suffer if they don't give me enough time to take care of things properly. Even if it's completely unrelated, it happened at a good time :) And it's let me come a bit out of the stressed-to-here mindset. Yay!
Hmmm, there was something I wanted to get opinions on, but I forgot what it was.
I think I'm going to bring in halloween cookies or something for my coworkers next week. We all used to randomly bring stuff in to share all the time, and we don't anymore. I miss random sharing.
I wish I had some Halloween event so I had an excuse to get kitty cat eyes. Why don't they celebrate this on a day when people dont have to go to work the next morning?
I forgot to bring the little paper doll halloween costumes for my SouthPark cutouts... All in all, it's been a very non-festive Halloween season for me. Usually I'm buying and decorating and all sorts of creative stuffs. Sometime this weekend we have to go to a nursery and get the right soil mixes for the new orchids - I'm worried about the big one, the leaves appear to be dying right at the stalk. But the little bitty ones appear to be surviving well. And our bamboo has recovered from whatever was wrong with it and is healthy and green again. I sorta wish I had gotten a plumeria - uh... stalk? The stick things that you start growing them from. At the time, I was thinking I didn't have anywhere to put a tree, but now I'm thinking duh, it wouldn't have been tree size for awhile girlie. Still, better take care of the things I have before I worry about the stuff I don't.


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