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Oooh, earlimorningness. I've been working on Project Top Secret Alpha Six (One of the few xmas gifts for Nate that he doesn't know what it is) and as a result I have not gotten my daily recommended quota of bedtime snuggles. Oh, and my little feets are cold. Poor me, eh?

Got email from Jeff re: the gift thing, and I think we are all good again, which is a good thing since it was on my mind all day. I don't like to be unhappy with people, esp friends. It's yuck. So yay happy make-up-ed-ness. Oooh! Must RSVP for Rois's New Years Eve party... hmmm... must sew soon. Not sure this weekend will be doable, since we must take down xmas stuffs and all the associated cleaning frenzy stuffs. Hmm. Shall ponder... I want to get back to my poor neglected sewing projects... heh... I'm such a fine example of holiday spirit - Crafty meets Gimme. I want all my neat stuff I'm making dammit!

Amyways, we finally made the gd divinity today. I'm telling you, the minions of hell are represented here on earth by sugary substances that will not will not WILL NOT lose their glossiness if it's the last thing they do. We tried to kill not one, not two, but THREE mixers this year, and it did not ever get matte. Oh well. It did turn out a lot better than last year's mess. Yum marshmallowy tasting uh... non-divinity. So Jay once again has large amounts of bite size taffy sort of stuff. Afterwards, we got chinese food. Yum chinese food. Yum. I digress.....

Brr, little toes are cold. They long for someone to kiss them and blow hot little breaths across their shivering uh... toeness. Boy, mebbe I should get this girl in bed eh? The toes are trying to write porn in order to get some heat. That can't be a good thing. Excerpt : Her bright red polish was saying "stop" but her saucy cuticle was crying "yes, yes!" and so we shacked up all summer in a cheap thong..... Mmm-hmm, my friends, this is right where you say, "See kids, that's what happens when you have alot of sugar and stay up late, don't do it". Meowmeowmeow... I want to go to bed and get warm but I have a hard time leaving disjointed ramblings... I wonder if 1:30 am is a good time to wake up the husband and demand conjugal visitation rights? He'd go for it, but he might regret it in the morning. Eh, it's not like he should be busy anyway right? ::The Amy kicks off her knitted slippers (ah the joy of my nubile naked toes) and heads to bed::
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Ah so...
Yesterday my sweetie came home early to cuddle! Yay! And then we took care of the hateful landlord and went to my mom's and got some work done on the faux hearth. Got some idea of the other pieces we will need, went to KMart for contact paper but was unable to locate any. 2 separate employees were asked - "Uh, is that like, stationary?" Urghh... Uh, NO! Anyhow, they were clueless about the store, which is somewhat to be expected, but I mean, I didn't think contact paper was a top secret thing that noone else knew about?
Anyway, came home and snuggled more. We have just been really affectionate lately. This is a good thing :)
The plan for tonight is to try Walmart for contact paper. The plan for today is to finish the xmas cards for the last couple people, maybe hit the mall for a few choses for my babykins, maybe clean off my desk in here, maybe make cheesecake and/or choc chip cookies for Nate's nice coworker. Then tomorrow morning I have free time while Nate fixes my car thing, then in the afternoon/evening we go down to his dad's bday celebration, then Sunday morning we go to chop down trees, and hopefully decorate them... and... I forget what Sunday evening. Anyhow, it's supposed to be a busy weekend, don't know if I will get a chance to update so I'm doing it now :)
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Heh, not much....
I shopped online for Nate (w00t!) and arranged for some very neat items... I hope he likes what I picked out.
I made a background for my journal and tried to change my journal style - no luck. Maybe later this week or next I will give it another go.
Cleaned up misc stuff off the tables/couches/stuff so that we could change the floor plan more easily.
Took care of my sweetie who had a bad headache today.
Drove and got Jay and had dinner and came home and moved furniture (yay!! I like the new floor plan!) and got Christmas boxes down out of storage and up into the house.
Put up one Xmas decor item (tree of light).
Called the jury thing phone # as outlined in previous entry.
Updated journal.....


Nov. 27th, 2001 02:04 pm
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Well we thought the bunny was going to be sent home early but that is not the case. So now I am all pretty for no reason. Course I do have stuff I could do, I was just looking forward to seeing him early. You'd think with all the time we spend together I'd get sick of him and want some time alone, but that doesn't happen very often. I'm an addict, I admit it.
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Family, and friends.

Being able to follow my dreams, whatever they may be.

Having Nate in my life. We don't always exist in a microcosm of joy and love, but we do most of the time, and I've never regretted choosing to spend the rest of my life with him. Put simply, I love him beyond measure. And more importantly, we're good for each other, we complement one another, we bring out the best in each other; we complete each other.

My life, which has been a blessed one. For the most part, I should be a spoiled girl - I've gotten everything that I've ever really wanted. Yes, there have been bad things in my life - things that weren't fair, things I didn't deserve, things I could have done without - but I really do believe in a kind of karma, and in balance. If you balance what I've bought with what I've paid, I've gotten a pretty good deal out of life so far.

Good or bad, wrong or right... I'm thankful for it all. Not everyone gets the chance to.
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So I'm doing the fraycheck thing and suddenly it occurs to me that the kimono is way longer than it should be. I chatter to my bunny that the reason it's taking way more fabric than I thought it would is because I stupidly doubled the length of it when I cut it out. He says it doesn't look too long. So, I spread it out full length on the floor and lie next to it to provide a visual aid. He says, okay, it does look too long, but not DOUBLE the length... more like 150% of what it should be. So me, being the little I-am-always-right wookikins that I am, pop out the measuring tape to show what the correct length is supposed to be (I thought it was 54") only to immediately notice - hmmm... that's only a inch or so over floor length. Hmmm... It is supposed to be floor length plus 12"... Going back to my planning I see the problem... I added the 12" to the SLEEVE measurement instead of the BODY measurement... eek! Not good. So I was able to chop off the bottom for the new corrected length, and all should be well. I still have a good amount more fabric, and now I know where it all was going. But yay, didn't screw it up!! And thankfully, I am doing the fray check in small increments since I don't have huge amounts of cardboard handy to put beneath it, so I didn't even do more work than I needed to! Whew! :) Okay, back I go... Just wanted to toss out a big thank you to my bunny for helping me :)
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Had a hard time getting to sleep last night... combo of my mind wanting to think about
stuff and not having gotten to sleep at my normal time for a few nights. Did not want to
wake up this morning... luckily, my beloved knows me well enough to give me a wake up call or I would have been a very late girl I'm sure.
Going through my desk stuff deciding what to take home, what to give away, what is
company stuff and just stays here...
I cannot decide whether I want to embroider a dragon or something on the back of the
kimono I'll be making... If I do, it will be a massive handwork project, which I could
handle except - I'm planning to make the matching corset to wear over it, and I'm not
sure how that would look - massive gorgeous dragon covered up by corset. And I
have not yet found the exact dragon I want... So must give thought to this. I have
seen some kimonos decorated in a pleasing assymetrical way, with a motif around the
leftish side of the hem and then a bit repeated on the right shoulder... this way would
be more suited to the corset-over look, but I'm not sure it's dramatic enough for me,
and not sure what I would embroider...
Okay kittens, I think that's it...

Home sick

Oct. 24th, 2001 02:06 pm
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Stayed home sick with my bunny... Don't feel that terrible now, to be completely honest, but I sure as heck was not up to what my usual workday has become, and I was not feelin great this morning. Got much more sleep than I deserved and have been a relatively benign person what with cleaning the house and such.

On the agenda today: prob more cleaning, still alot of that to do, finishing up the corset and blackwork projects, and maybe some playtime later, and need to whip out a letter of resignation since I didn't do it last night. I'm sticking to the "to pursue my academic goals" reason, rather than being vindictive and listing their faults and sins. Sigh... sometimes it's no fun to be a grown up about things, but it will make me a happier healthier Amy in the long run. And they just needn't know that I hadn't planned to leave til Jan or Feb or somewhere in there.

Need to find out if my credit union goes away when I quit, need to get transcripts for application process, need to plan finances and see what the budget will allow for without me working. I'm just thankful that I have the opportunity to do this, someone to support and encourage me while I do, and the dedication to pursue it instead of taking the easy way of just continuing to drift along where it's safer.
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There should be a "What's Wrong With Me" quiz... lately I've just been moody to an extreme and just in general less than scintillating person (though I did have a good literary discussion as well as a general media overview of a certain genre with my bunny last night instead of sleeping). I'm tempted to blame it all on the yucky work situation but sometimes I think I don't shoulder enough blame because I'm always attributing it to the sources. For the most part I don't accept it as an excuse in society, so I shouldn't accept it in myself either. The problem is that it's difficult to look at the situation objectively and logically when I'm in the middle of it. Mew-sigh. Heh... I'd think about setting up a separate journal for my whining, but then what would I put in this one? j/k I hope. Ah well. And Jeff has gone missing which means I am without reassurance and balance that I usually get from him. Hopefully that will turn up soon and okay, we're a smidge worried.
Back to blackwork... ta for now.
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Well we took care of all the orchids and cleared off the shelfie for them... I also set up my faux orchid while we had all the bark and stuff out. For the live ones, I'm wondering if I should set up like a little potpourri simmerer thingie with just water to give them warm steaminess, esp at night when it gets chilly. I think I have one but I'm not sure where. Did some work on the corset - finished going around the shoulder strap grommets with floss, & sewed on the last ribbon edge. All that is left is grommeting this last edge and then trying it on! yay! Did not think of short clever saying/title for the licence plate frame - accepting applications if anyone thinks of anything. Bunny fixed dinner for us - he's so sweet. All in all, I feel like it was a very good weekend; had lots of fun, got lots done, and while I don't exactly WANT to go to work tomorrow, I do feel rested and such. Oh, and we dropped off the other disposable underwater camera... need to pick up the pictures! More fishies and stuff, plus whatever we took pics of to use up the film.


Oct. 16th, 2001 09:22 pm
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I was just craving something sharp like cranberry juice and I just remembered my wonderful husband brought home pomegranates for me... I'm off to put little jewellescent seeds into a ziploc baggie!


Oct. 11th, 2001 08:44 pm
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Printed up a recipe for the Bananas Foster today... now I need to try making it... I've never made anything that you flambe before... but it should be fun as long as I can manage to catch something on fire... I think we have rum but I don't think we have banana liquer so I'll have to pick some up when we grocery shop.

On a completely different topic, I'm not sure whether I should replace my canvas shoes now or wait til spring - I don't wear them much during fall/winter... but the pair I have is about done. First time I have gotten rid of canvas shoes due to wear! Usually it's cuz I lose one....

I feel like I might have a strategical advantage over Nate since all the cat toys are kept on my computer monitor... I'm thinking he should have throwables of his own for counter- or pre-emptive- striking... but I don't want him to have cat toys. Must think of suitable alternative...

I wonder if I ought to start making separate thoughts separate postings... the consensus seems to be that long journal entries scare people off and don't get read/commented on as much as the short ones...
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Just a reminder for anyone that watches my journal at all, I shall be whisked away by my beloved to island paradise and shall not be returning until the 10th.. So that's why I'll be so suddenly quiet-like.
Have a good week without me!
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I have red roses.
They don't make it all better, but they help.


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