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I've been entirely too lazy today...
Went yesterday to sew with Rois and Rob, got lots and lots done on the kimono. It is looking so gorgeous... I can't wait til it is wearable. (I say wearable not done because the embroidery is just going to go on forever...)
Also got a bunch of fabric stuffs that I should be planning projects for... not sure yet what I want to do with any of it. But yay fabric!

Today my sweet one is home sick so I've mostly just been taking care of him and messing around on the computer... Not a bad day, but I wish I was getting more accomplished. And I want to make some sort of little xmas gift thingies... not sure what yet, most of the online craft ideas are more kid-oriented...
Need to work on xmas wish list too but I don't know what to wish for.

I think before I do the embroidery for the kimono, maybe I'll do a little square of it first... like a sampler block. That way I can see how it looks and work out exactly what I'm doing. Sounds good hmm? And then I can frame the little blocks or whatnot and put them up or give them away or something. Yes, sounds good. Now I just need to get embroidery supplies. I cannot wait all the way til xmas so I am not putting them on my list, although I may find stuff that I want vs. need (hehe) that can go on the list. Okay, so the plan is, cut two or more squares of the leftover satin, draw one with leaf design and one with blossom design, embroider both, and then decide which I like better. Good plan.

Need to plan Thanksgiving menu for four... I'm off to look at cookbooks & Bon Appetit's.
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Ahhh insomnia... heh, well at least I don't have to dread waking up tomorrow.
Since I can't sleep, I am making progress on the kimono. Not sure how useful it is... I think the embroidery should be done before I sew the lining completely in, but still have to decide all the details on that.... but I can at least do the sleeves I guess. I've decided just to self line it... I just know I'll look around the fabric store and see nothing appropriate... and it will be decorative enough if I do all the needlework stuff.... I don't want fancy lining fabric to take away from that, now do I? Of course not...

Silly me was looking at embroidery sites on the web and seeing what REALLY skilled people can do... I thought the project was a bit insane before, but now I am really really tempted to get insanely fancy. I think what I will do is do part of the design in regular embroidery and part of it in the subtle-blending-of-colors embroidery... like with the cherry blossoms, do all the white ones but then throw in a few white-shading-to-pink ones... or if I do fall leaves, do most of the leaves in flat fall colors (or silver/gold/copper) and then do just a few in a blending of color (or blending of above metallics). Why yes, I do feel the need to complicate already complicated projects... it's just my perverse nature. Of course, first I have to decide, and decisions are not my strong suit...

Of course, this could all be sleep deprivation talking... in the morning maybe I'll wake up and decide to just leave well enough alone :)
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So I'm doing the fraycheck thing and suddenly it occurs to me that the kimono is way longer than it should be. I chatter to my bunny that the reason it's taking way more fabric than I thought it would is because I stupidly doubled the length of it when I cut it out. He says it doesn't look too long. So, I spread it out full length on the floor and lie next to it to provide a visual aid. He says, okay, it does look too long, but not DOUBLE the length... more like 150% of what it should be. So me, being the little I-am-always-right wookikins that I am, pop out the measuring tape to show what the correct length is supposed to be (I thought it was 54") only to immediately notice - hmmm... that's only a inch or so over floor length. Hmmm... It is supposed to be floor length plus 12"... Going back to my planning I see the problem... I added the 12" to the SLEEVE measurement instead of the BODY measurement... eek! Not good. So I was able to chop off the bottom for the new corrected length, and all should be well. I still have a good amount more fabric, and now I know where it all was going. But yay, didn't screw it up!! And thankfully, I am doing the fray check in small increments since I don't have huge amounts of cardboard handy to put beneath it, so I didn't even do more work than I needed to! Whew! :) Okay, back I go... Just wanted to toss out a big thank you to my bunny for helping me :)
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Well I found a nifty site about Japanese embroidery and snagged lots of pretty pictures... I think we're going with the blossom look, it's pretty. We may also be going with colors rather than a single metallic color... because I just love the way theirs looks. I am printing up examples to look at and then I shall niftily draw out a full size designs to transfer to the hem and shoulder. I've noticed alot of the people are airbrushing the fabric first to kind of highlight the design. I don't know if this would be good on mine or not. And I don't have an airbrush. Does anyone reading this have airbrushing skills/supplies? Maybe we can work out a trade :) I'm not really sure if fabric requires special paints though... I don't plan on washing this a whole lot, but I don't want the paint to turn wet and drippy and ruin all the embroidery if I do get it wet... and I don't want it to make the fabric too too stiff either. Hmmm. I need someone who's done this stuff and has experience to draw on. If I can't find someone, I can always skip it, but it does seem like it makes it look prettier... If I can find someone, I'll need to figure out what color I want it airbrushed. Tricky tricky. I shall ask opinions re: color at sewing circle.
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I have started the kimono... yippee! I am altering the pattern slightly... Since I'm not being uber-authentic by cutting it all into 14" lengths anyhow, I just couldn't justify cutting the fabric just to fray check the edges and sew it back together how it was before... so the side seams just won't exist. Instead, it will be smooth unseamed fabric around the body. Oh, what a hardship. I am beginning the fray check process where I've cut slits for the sleeves to be attached. Says it needs to dry 15-30 minutes... so I figured I would come update. Then I will go cut the sleeves. I am going to have much less extra fabric than I originally thought. I may need to go get more to have enough for the corset, but not sure yet. I haven't decided on the lining yet, but all the satin was calling to me and I could not resist getting started. It is yummy to play with, don't know how amenable it will be to being sewn though... I may have to break down and pin stuff if it's not cooperative. I have decided not to do a giant dragon on the center back, but will be doing the smaller motif thing I mentioned... still not sure what though. Maybe small dragons, maybe cherry blossoms, maybe a dragon and a tiger... oh who knows. Thought about butterflies but it just doesn't seem to fit. In inside light the purpleness doesn't show as much... it looks more midnight blue than indigo. I'm still leaning towards metallics for the embroidery... silver, gold, copper... not sure which yet. With maybe white to accent depending on what I put on it. And what I get to line/edge with. For a moment, I thought about doing a full lining so it is reversible but I'm not sure I'm that insane just yet. My, time goes slowly when you're waiting for stuff to dry, eh?
In other news, my beloved is home sick today... he is doing some work-from-home stuff though so it's not like I'm neglecting him to sew. He has this cold thing much worse than I do, but I'm hoping it's just going faster for him and so he will be well sooner. I feel much better myself.
Re: Thanksgiving... we will only be 4-5 people so it won't be a huge festivity thing... seems silly to do a whole turkey, I am thinking about doing a turkey breast or maybe chicken cordon bleu or something like that. Of course, I could do a turkey and just force leftovers on people. This will be the 2nd Thanksgiving I've done myself... since I am at home and will have time, I really want to do special yummy things that people will love. But am trying not to plan too much food since it will be a small gathering.
Well I am off to look for nice kimono design/ornamentation stuff... I'm sure there will be more updates on my progress :)
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Had a hard time getting to sleep last night... combo of my mind wanting to think about
stuff and not having gotten to sleep at my normal time for a few nights. Did not want to
wake up this morning... luckily, my beloved knows me well enough to give me a wake up call or I would have been a very late girl I'm sure.
Going through my desk stuff deciding what to take home, what to give away, what is
company stuff and just stays here...
I cannot decide whether I want to embroider a dragon or something on the back of the
kimono I'll be making... If I do, it will be a massive handwork project, which I could
handle except - I'm planning to make the matching corset to wear over it, and I'm not
sure how that would look - massive gorgeous dragon covered up by corset. And I
have not yet found the exact dragon I want... So must give thought to this. I have
seen some kimonos decorated in a pleasing assymetrical way, with a motif around the
leftish side of the hem and then a bit repeated on the right shoulder... this way would
be more suited to the corset-over look, but I'm not sure it's dramatic enough for me,
and not sure what I would embroider...
Okay kittens, I think that's it...
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Mmmmmm Lazy....

Yesterday was busyish... Nate did a wonderful detailed report in his journal. Got a bunch of delicious heavy satin in a black indigo color. Enough for the kimono and then some. Maybe I will make a matching corset, if I get good at them. Got black ribbon to edge it in, but I might change my mind and go for something that's more of a different color. The satin is plain not brocade, so I'm tempted to try and paint something on it. We'll see - I haven't done fabric painting before, my painting isn't always that fabulous anyhow, and I'm not sure what I would want on it. Still need to decide if I want to chunk up the fabric into smaller pieces to be more historically accurate in the construction, or just cut out the pieces the way I need them. Hmmm. Anyone have any kimono-making resources with patterns/instructions? I may get a pattern for a wrap blouse or robe or something just as a guide for that part. But I'm a little unclear on details - I can fake it but would prefer for it to be right.

What else? Went to Marine World's FrightFest thing... overpriced and too crowded, but we still had fun.
Still need to decide how to dress for Halloween at work. Probably should have thought about it before - I can't think of anything that I both CAN do and WANT to do. Maybe I'll just skip it. Hmmm... maybe a witch. Witch hats can't be too hard to come by, and I could take it off for while I'm on the phone. Hmm. Will see (I'm such a last-minute person - last year I decided to be a cat and was sewing the tail that morning before driving in to work).
I think that's it kiddos - hope everyone is having fun at this weekend's festivities.
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I really was tired enough to go to bed the last time I posted... but I got distracted by my latest clothing crush (making a kimono to wear beneath a corset a la and suddenly it's two o'clock... now how did that HAPPEN? To summarize - found very little help as far as kimono patterning, but it looks kinda easyish - I'm just going to fake it and who cares if the sleeve length is indicative of an unmarried woman? I like long sleevies! Heehee... now I have to find the perfect fabric for this... ah, the eternal struggle of finding something completely gorgeous at a price I'm willing to pay. At this point, I'm just happy I'm not trying to get into the origami-esque obi folding.. I don't think obi's would look that cute over a corset. Heh - someone needs to hide the internet from me before I see more things that I *need* to have and can *probably* make...


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