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No jury duty for Amy!
This is good.
Amy is happy.
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Soooo... I got this jury duty letter a while back. A *long* while back. And anyhow, I kept totally forgetting about it. Over and over, I'd think "you have to remember this" and then forget. Well, I thought my summons date was today. Last night, at Home Depot, I thought "you have to remember to call when you get home" and I forgot. I forgot all day today and just finally remembered tonight after dinner. Anyhow, I was stressed "what if I was supposed to go in, what if I got called & wasn't there, etc etc" but ::happyhappy:: luckily, it was not today, it is tomorrow! So I am not in contempt of court or whatever it is when you don't show up. And I called and don't have to go in the morning but have to call back tomorrow to see if they need me for the afternoon. Wheee! I'm happy. I hope I don't have to go at all, just because it is the holidays and I have so much going on. Normally I am a person that would like to be a juror - it's one of the few ways I am patriotic. I totally feel that it is my civil duty to be a juror for my peers, and am prepared to fulfill that responsibility. Mostly I just want to avoid it now because it is bad timing. I've gotten summons twice before and wanted to go, but never had to. Anyhow, that's my news....


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