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Oooh, earlimorningness. I've been working on Project Top Secret Alpha Six (One of the few xmas gifts for Nate that he doesn't know what it is) and as a result I have not gotten my daily recommended quota of bedtime snuggles. Oh, and my little feets are cold. Poor me, eh?

Got email from Jeff re: the gift thing, and I think we are all good again, which is a good thing since it was on my mind all day. I don't like to be unhappy with people, esp friends. It's yuck. So yay happy make-up-ed-ness. Oooh! Must RSVP for Rois's New Years Eve party... hmmm... must sew soon. Not sure this weekend will be doable, since we must take down xmas stuffs and all the associated cleaning frenzy stuffs. Hmm. Shall ponder... I want to get back to my poor neglected sewing projects... heh... I'm such a fine example of holiday spirit - Crafty meets Gimme. I want all my neat stuff I'm making dammit!

Amyways, we finally made the gd divinity today. I'm telling you, the minions of hell are represented here on earth by sugary substances that will not will not WILL NOT lose their glossiness if it's the last thing they do. We tried to kill not one, not two, but THREE mixers this year, and it did not ever get matte. Oh well. It did turn out a lot better than last year's mess. Yum marshmallowy tasting uh... non-divinity. So Jay once again has large amounts of bite size taffy sort of stuff. Afterwards, we got chinese food. Yum chinese food. Yum. I digress.....

Brr, little toes are cold. They long for someone to kiss them and blow hot little breaths across their shivering uh... toeness. Boy, mebbe I should get this girl in bed eh? The toes are trying to write porn in order to get some heat. That can't be a good thing. Excerpt : Her bright red polish was saying "stop" but her saucy cuticle was crying "yes, yes!" and so we shacked up all summer in a cheap thong..... Mmm-hmm, my friends, this is right where you say, "See kids, that's what happens when you have alot of sugar and stay up late, don't do it". Meowmeowmeow... I want to go to bed and get warm but I have a hard time leaving disjointed ramblings... I wonder if 1:30 am is a good time to wake up the husband and demand conjugal visitation rights? He'd go for it, but he might regret it in the morning. Eh, it's not like he should be busy anyway right? ::The Amy kicks off her knitted slippers (ah the joy of my nubile naked toes) and heads to bed::


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