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Well we took care of all the orchids and cleared off the shelfie for them... I also set up my faux orchid while we had all the bark and stuff out. For the live ones, I'm wondering if I should set up like a little potpourri simmerer thingie with just water to give them warm steaminess, esp at night when it gets chilly. I think I have one but I'm not sure where. Did some work on the corset - finished going around the shoulder strap grommets with floss, & sewed on the last ribbon edge. All that is left is grommeting this last edge and then trying it on! yay! Did not think of short clever saying/title for the licence plate frame - accepting applications if anyone thinks of anything. Bunny fixed dinner for us - he's so sweet. All in all, I feel like it was a very good weekend; had lots of fun, got lots done, and while I don't exactly WANT to go to work tomorrow, I do feel rested and such. Oh, and we dropped off the other disposable underwater camera... need to pick up the pictures! More fishies and stuff, plus whatever we took pics of to use up the film.
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So we are back... got in late last night and didn't get to sleep very soon because my body is still on island-time. So I am just a wee bit sleepy this morning, and since I was just catching up on everyone in livejournalland, my mind is busy sorting everything for later subconsciousness and does not wish to provide lovely evocative descriptions of the last week or so. We'll just sum up and say we had a fabulous time. Got a little journal to record thoughts/memories of the vacation in and completely failed to use it even once... must try to do that if possible so I don't lose the details as I am prone to doing. Bought lots of little things for ourselves and the family, sorted through the accumulation on mail a bit, and was thrown into hysterical laughter once again by my mother's "help" with our grocery list. Honestly, truly, noone in this world can make me laugh like my mother can - I just can't explain it, but her sense of humor and mine just synch right up. I still have an email somewhere where she screwed with my xmas list - everytime I read it, I am laughing out loud. Just thinking of it has me smiling. To me, that is magical. My poor beloved one is sunburned, but other than getting a bit scratched up by snorkeling, I fared well... got a few misquito bites but avoided any symptoms of Dengai (sp?) fever and my hair has not yet fallen out in protest of the abuse lavished upon it, and I just feel much better and less stressed (though I could not quit thinking of work last night) and more contented. Life is good. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good (oh dear, I think I'm stealing pizza quotes). Must develop film so I can force vacation pictures on hapless people. Trudi is talking me into scrapbooking with her down in San Jose and between recent trip and her and other girls in the gothy section talking about it, I'm thinking I should. I haven't reallly done anything since I got my sewing fixation. Alas, I don't know if I have time for all these projects. It's Oct 10th and I don't have Halloween stuff even unpacked much less up... I'm wondering if I should just leave it in the boxes this year. Then of course there is ThanksgivingChristmasNewYears to get through, and I also want to do more with my cooking and I * * * must * * * get a recipe for bananas Foster and learn to make it... it is on the menu for Nate's birthday next year instead of cake. It is yum. Welcome to my stream of thought... please keep hands inside the boat and remember that fishing is allowed but baiting is something that should only be done by those that know me well. Eah. Playtime is about over so I suppose I must bring this to a close - more during afternoon recess if I have a chance.
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Just a reminder for anyone that watches my journal at all, I shall be whisked away by my beloved to island paradise and shall not be returning until the 10th.. So that's why I'll be so suddenly quiet-like.
Have a good week without me!
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I'm too busy to breathe, but at least the time goes by fast :) and I only have to get through tomorrow and then I have the weekend, and then get through Monday and then I'm on vacation!! I'm still a little ticked with getting stuck with this new project when I don't even have time to do the other things I'm responsible for, but on the other hand I kind of like the project. I seem to excel in handling impossibly weird & demanding accounts, and this is one, and when I do something that's hard to do and do a really good job at it, it makes me feel good about myself and my value to the company, unrecognized though it may be at times. So I'm pretty cheerful in general, especially since when I'll be gone someone else will have to keep everything caught up. I'm still going to have to write up some quick notes on what to do while I'm gone once they get back to me with who'll be filling in for me. And sewing tonight, and planning what to pack so I can make sure it's clean. Heh... my mood ring is fuschia and forest green... wonder what that indicates??
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Well, Nate ended up working late last night, that new virus thing, so I didn't really get anything done... stayed home and chatted with friends a bit. On the upside, he was home before eleven so I didn't have to try to sleep without him there, and it looks as if he may not have to work this weekend after all. Did some sketching yesterday for a possible pic for the Darkthreads group... never did really find out what they're looking for, but it's poss they don't know either. So, we'll give this a whirl and see how they like it. I think it would look better if it was a 3D rendering instead of a drawing, but I don't think I'm quite up to learning how to do that yet. Have an idea in mind for another graphic for them, but not sure how workable it is.... so this one first. If they don't like it, I'll still be happy for having done some creative stuff. Most of my "porfolio" is from highschool or earlier, and my skills have improved alot since then. I still want to give a try to some nice Olivia-esque watercolors but... hehe.. I have too many projects as it is. I've been considering my bat wing idea alot lately, and am very skeptical that it will be done by Halloween time, which sucks.... I am considering temporarily abandoning it until after the holiday season and then just having it ready for next year. Must still consider - I want them! But have to be realistic too. In two weeks I'll be in Hawaii... definitely won't be even thinking of sewing then. Want to get out to the Ren Faire at least one more weekend, and probably to Marine World too as we did really enjoy their haunted house stuffs last year. Which leaves me pretty limited on time to work on stuffs, and as mentioned, I've got alot of stuffs to work on. I need to start trying to squeeze stuff in on weeknights... even if I only do 20 or 30 minutes of work, I'll at least be making progress on something. Some days, I could talk to myself forever kicking stuff around - however, they want me to get work done here. May update at lunch.


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