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Mum is out of ICU and back in the regular ward. Things are looking up... hopefully she will be home soon.

It's chilly here... seems like it is cold all the time, not sure why though... maybe the heater is not working? But it made it very hard to get out of bed. Had another flurried whirl of dreaming... alot of thinking I was waking up but I was still dreaming, enough sex to make me wonder what my subconscious has got on it's mind, and a very scary second of not being able to breathe. Not sure whether it was just in the dream or not, but I don't like not being able to breathe. It's why I'm not that into putting my head underwater. Anyway, it means I'll be slightly disoriented today... when my dreams are fragmented, instead of one or two dreams, I'm more likely to think they actually happened until I think about it.
So I have this bad feeling that alot of the xmas shopping won't get done until the last minute this year. Not exactly great, but at least I can shop during the weekdays, hopefully less busy. It means I will have to shop alone though. Oh well.
We did get the christmas cards... I need to try to get those sent out soon (usually we end up not actually mailing the things, or sending them late, because we're busy with other stuff. Early would be a nice change.)
Hmmm... I also want to try to squeeze in some sewing projects for me. Maybe after shower and food I will try to plan out week and see if I have time to go see Rois and finish kimono and finish corset pattern. Maybe even start cutting corset. Mmm, also need to start cutting for sachets. Hopefully maybe I can sew this weekend with them. I get more done when I go.
Okay, off to worship the modern miracle that is hot water falling from the sky.
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A flurry of dreams this morning, all of which centered around my having a chemical imbalance. One in which my schizophrenia led to a drug overdose as each of my three personalities was taking the drug that was supposed to cure me/us. One in which I became aware that I had not actually been pregnant, given birth, and started raising my baby daughter, but in fact had been carrying around a child's doll since the "birth" and everyone I came into contact with had just been humoring me. There were more but those are the clearest. Hmm... wonder if my mind is trying to tell me something?


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