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.....for the most part anyway. We got our tree and it is nicely decorated. *happy sigh* I love that we have compatible ideas about how to decorate. It is gorgeous. And it is so chubby! I love chubby trees - thankfully this year we have a nice spot so it doesn't have to get squished in. We've got the village and track set up around it but the train isn't on yet.

My car is still out of service - the screw is proving difficult to find. We will prob have to go through Ford or some such silly thing. Ah well. I've got plenty to keep me busy here at home for the next few days (and then some) so it's not too big a deal. Nate offered to let me have his beastie and just have me chauffeur him to work, but I declined - I don't really need a vehicle for anything soon.

We also got a bit done with the hearth - got the other stuff from Home Depot we needed, did some cutting - we'll be doing more tomorrow night. I think we are making fine progress and getting lots done, but my Nate is feeling frustrated because it's not going as quickly as he expected/hoped. And he's just been a little stressed lately.

Heh... so I really want to make my mom a little Koolaid stand for her Christmas Village set up. My beloved doesn't think it's funny, but he has a hard time sometimes with my families sense of humor. Did I mention her little village is named Jonestown? *giggle* Oops... I mean... what a terrible thing! I'm shocked! *smothered giggle* Anyhow, I don't know if I can find a miniature Koolaid pitcher that is the right scale, so I may not be able to do it this year.
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Soooo... this morning I changed my EVP sensor and mostly changed my EGR valve. There is a little screw it uses to hold on this little metal flap thing, and when we were taking it off the old one, it got broke. It was not in very good shape to start with though... I stripped the hex pattern off in no time trying to unscrew it, we used the mototool to cut a plus into it and then stripped THAT off trying to unscrew it... finally Nate cut the outside edge into a hex pattern and pried it off with his leatherman/pliers. But it broke. So now I need a new screw so my car will work, and the hardware store down the street doesn't have it. Hee... my mommy's gonna be so proud of me. She likes me to do tomboyish independent 'I don't need a man for anything' stuffs.

Anyhow, then it was time to go down to Modesto for birthday festivities. I think that went pretty well. I brought back a SLEW of mistletoe. I'm going to make a kissing ball for us and maybe one for my mom's house. I think I'm going to have alot left. Does anyone need mistletoe? (Real live mistletoe that was just on a tree, not that kelly green sprayed/dried crap with fake plastic berries they try to sell you most places.)

Nate is being a love and checking Home Depot for the screw now. He is such a sweetheart :) He's been really good to me lately. If they have it I will finish up my car in the morning. Then we are off to kill and mutilate a tree, drag it home, and decorate it. After that, work on the hearth project. My weekends are getting busy.. I really need to finish xmas gifts this coming week. Heh, or at least make alot of progress on them. I think I will take my little surprises for my sewing friends next weekend to the Dicken's Fair... I should see them all there I think.

I think that's it...
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Ah so...
Yesterday my sweetie came home early to cuddle! Yay! And then we took care of the hateful landlord and went to my mom's and got some work done on the faux hearth. Got some idea of the other pieces we will need, went to KMart for contact paper but was unable to locate any. 2 separate employees were asked - "Uh, is that like, stationary?" Urghh... Uh, NO! Anyhow, they were clueless about the store, which is somewhat to be expected, but I mean, I didn't think contact paper was a top secret thing that noone else knew about?
Anyway, came home and snuggled more. We have just been really affectionate lately. This is a good thing :)
The plan for tonight is to try Walmart for contact paper. The plan for today is to finish the xmas cards for the last couple people, maybe hit the mall for a few choses for my babykins, maybe clean off my desk in here, maybe make cheesecake and/or choc chip cookies for Nate's nice coworker. Then tomorrow morning I have free time while Nate fixes my car thing, then in the afternoon/evening we go down to his dad's bday celebration, then Sunday morning we go to chop down trees, and hopefully decorate them... and... I forget what Sunday evening. Anyhow, it's supposed to be a busy weekend, don't know if I will get a chance to update so I'm doing it now :)
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Heh. So anyways...
Last night we figured out how we want to rearrange the front area (dining & living room) for Christmas and started moving stuff around. My brother will be over tonight to help Nate with some of the really heavy stuff like the armoire and to help get the Christmas boxes out of storage and into the house. I am hoping to have everything (except the tree) decorated and in place by the weekend.

We also decided to make ourselves a faux hearth... it's something we've thought about but just finally decided to do. So we got some of the supplies we'll need from the local Home Depot... I'm so excited we have one close to us now. Plans are not completely finalized yet, and we will need more stuff, but we have what we need to get started. Yay!

Nate's dad's bday is this weekend, and we may also try to get our tree I think. Which means probably no sewing circle for me :( but we shall see. Kate, a friend of ours, has gotten me interested in trying to make a gingerbread village for the holidays too - you know, in all my spare time :) Hehehe... I really need to stop getting interested in all these projects, they will be the death of me, I just know it. But they are *so* fun.

I've pretty much put all my personal projects on temporary hold - I need to make sure the Christmas ones are done by Christmastime. If they get done early, then I will work more on my stuff... otherwise they'll have to be lonely and bored until January when I have time for them.
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Today my sugar went to the Dr who told him he has bronchitis for sure... he is on codene cough syrup and antibiotics now, but is going to try to go in to work tomorrow.

I picked up stuff at Michaels... got embroidery floss so I can begin the cherry blossom square... did not get stuff for the fall leaves yet, want to finish this one first prolly.

I also picked up some other supplies needed for Christmas surprise items for my sewing friends. While top-secret, I can say that these are not big presents, so don't feel compelled to get me anything... they are in the range of party favors. However.... well, you will either think they are adorable, or will wonder why I have not been committed by now... Hopefully the former. Jeff, I will be sending you preview pics so you can be as frightened as my husband. But I think they're cute!

Anyhow, was making those but realized I haven't updated all day, just commented on other people's stuff. So figured I would toss in a few words (also in the hopes of making people curious, which is one of my favorite things) while I took a little break. These should possibly be done by tomorrow


Nov. 6th, 2001 07:44 pm
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Brought home all the little personal items from work today... my desk is now pretty bare, with just a couple stacks of stuff that other people will use after I'm gone. The only thing left for me to bring home is the computer - I'll take that down tomorrow after lunch and bring it on home... not sure where I'll put it, but that's another story. It will be good to be home and have some time to do things. I wonder if I'm going to get bored and lonely during the day though. Hmm. Well I'll worry about that when it comes up. I want more pictures of myself that I like... maybe I will make some LJ pictures from back when I was younger/thinner/prettier. I'm happy with what's up now, but I need variety donchano. On a completely separate tangent, all of my art supplies are vanishing. Specifically, I can't find fixatives... no elmers glue, no rubber cement, no double sided sticky tape.... it's annoying. I think I need to clean out all the closets and maybe some stuff will show up. That's right Amy, keep making lists of stuff you need to do, rather than doing the stuff on the lists... sigh, I am SO bad at that. But I don't really mind it about myself. My happy little mind cannot stay still... Maybe more if I focus my thoughts later :)
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Cleaned out the fridge, pasta is boiling. Decided on "Mostly An Angel" for my licence plate frame... once I had the 'Mostly' on there, I was really tempted to put 'Harmless' instead. *giggle* Except in my case, completely and utterly harmless might be more apropo. Still, I'm happy, though now I want to get devil/angel stickers to decorate it with.
Recreational To Do List: Grommet cream corset, try on, take pictures.
Get measurements for pattern-making of kimono and corset.
Get pumpkin? To paint pumpkin or to carve pumpkin? Hmm.

List is longer but pasta wants attention.


Oct. 19th, 2001 12:52 pm
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Work has not been too bad since Wednesday... one of my major project accts has been almost inactive since Tuesday, which allowed me to take care of a large chunk of stuff that just hadn't been getting done. Still haven't had my meeting with the boss people that was supposed to happen Tuesday (there were more details on that, but LJ was eating posts at the time) so that sucks although it's not surprising. Still, I plan on using this sudden decline as probably proof of how sales will suffer if they don't give me enough time to take care of things properly. Even if it's completely unrelated, it happened at a good time :) And it's let me come a bit out of the stressed-to-here mindset. Yay!
Hmmm, there was something I wanted to get opinions on, but I forgot what it was.
I think I'm going to bring in halloween cookies or something for my coworkers next week. We all used to randomly bring stuff in to share all the time, and we don't anymore. I miss random sharing.
I wish I had some Halloween event so I had an excuse to get kitty cat eyes. Why don't they celebrate this on a day when people dont have to go to work the next morning?
I forgot to bring the little paper doll halloween costumes for my SouthPark cutouts... All in all, it's been a very non-festive Halloween season for me. Usually I'm buying and decorating and all sorts of creative stuffs. Sometime this weekend we have to go to a nursery and get the right soil mixes for the new orchids - I'm worried about the big one, the leaves appear to be dying right at the stalk. But the little bitty ones appear to be surviving well. And our bamboo has recovered from whatever was wrong with it and is healthy and green again. I sorta wish I had gotten a plumeria - uh... stalk? The stick things that you start growing them from. At the time, I was thinking I didn't have anywhere to put a tree, but now I'm thinking duh, it wouldn't have been tree size for awhile girlie. Still, better take care of the things I have before I worry about the stuff I don't.
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Heh... so we were all supposed to wear red white & blue to the office today... only NOBODY knew about it... I got lucky and happen to be wearing blue at least. So my coworkers are having me as the resident artist make little patriotic pins for them. Just finished a little origami heart one. I think that's it for updates - the day has flown by but not much has happened.


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