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Oooh, earlimorningness. I've been working on Project Top Secret Alpha Six (One of the few xmas gifts for Nate that he doesn't know what it is) and as a result I have not gotten my daily recommended quota of bedtime snuggles. Oh, and my little feets are cold. Poor me, eh?

Got email from Jeff re: the gift thing, and I think we are all good again, which is a good thing since it was on my mind all day. I don't like to be unhappy with people, esp friends. It's yuck. So yay happy make-up-ed-ness. Oooh! Must RSVP for Rois's New Years Eve party... hmmm... must sew soon. Not sure this weekend will be doable, since we must take down xmas stuffs and all the associated cleaning frenzy stuffs. Hmm. Shall ponder... I want to get back to my poor neglected sewing projects... heh... I'm such a fine example of holiday spirit - Crafty meets Gimme. I want all my neat stuff I'm making dammit!

Amyways, we finally made the gd divinity today. I'm telling you, the minions of hell are represented here on earth by sugary substances that will not will not WILL NOT lose their glossiness if it's the last thing they do. We tried to kill not one, not two, but THREE mixers this year, and it did not ever get matte. Oh well. It did turn out a lot better than last year's mess. Yum marshmallowy tasting uh... non-divinity. So Jay once again has large amounts of bite size taffy sort of stuff. Afterwards, we got chinese food. Yum chinese food. Yum. I digress.....

Brr, little toes are cold. They long for someone to kiss them and blow hot little breaths across their shivering uh... toeness. Boy, mebbe I should get this girl in bed eh? The toes are trying to write porn in order to get some heat. That can't be a good thing. Excerpt : Her bright red polish was saying "stop" but her saucy cuticle was crying "yes, yes!" and so we shacked up all summer in a cheap thong..... Mmm-hmm, my friends, this is right where you say, "See kids, that's what happens when you have alot of sugar and stay up late, don't do it". Meowmeowmeow... I want to go to bed and get warm but I have a hard time leaving disjointed ramblings... I wonder if 1:30 am is a good time to wake up the husband and demand conjugal visitation rights? He'd go for it, but he might regret it in the morning. Eh, it's not like he should be busy anyway right? ::The Amy kicks off her knitted slippers (ah the joy of my nubile naked toes) and heads to bed::
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Oh dear... I really have not been good about updating. Holiday madness has officially begun.

Wednesday: Got to airport way earlier than I needed to. Got my mom without trouble, got her home, made baking date for Friday.

Thursday was the funeral (thankfully noone I knew) so we got up bright and early, grabbed bagel goodness, and down to Modesto we went. I stayed home with Mum while FIL & Nate went back up for the funeral. Mostly keeping track of the medication for her and there in case anything should happen... it was a quiet day, and I finished up Cassie's bath basket stuff (bag & sachet) before she got home - oh wonderfulness. Also finished up the book I was reading. After Nate & Karl got back, we went home where we met up with Trudi briefly for gift exchange and pack mule duty assignations.

Friday: Baking goodness. Mom called at 10, I showered & got ready, went by Laurel Grove's pharmacy to pick up the industrial mixer for *gasp*horror* divinity attempts. Went over to mom's, we made up a big long list of all the cookies and candies we wanted to make, and list of what we needed, and went to store. Got everything we needed except a candy thermometer. Not peachy, but we got started. We have brownies, we have fudge, we have peanut butter cookies, we have peanut butter cookies with hersheys kisses, we have sugar cookies, we have thumbprint cookies with jam, we have german chocolate cake (okay, we bought that), we have macaroons.... we may have other stuff I'm forgetting. We do not have divinity, we do not have choc chip cookies, we do not have truffles. Ah well - maybe next year.

Saturday: went to last-minute-notification Christmas party at my Aunt Peggy's. It was good. Less gossip about who was in prison/running from the law/divorcing/knocked up and less variety of food (lots of sweet, no pickles/olives/such) but otherwise just like the Christmasses of my childhood. It was really nice. The semi-present father in my life has once again seemed to think that money will make up for the fact that some Christmasses I don't even hear from him. I suppose in some ways it does - just not how he thinks. Anyway, it was nice to see them and everyone else - I felt welcome there in a way I have not felt welcome in his life in a long time. And we are *supposed* to see each other more - we will see. And they missed my mom - which was nice.

In between all this, Nate has done alot of work on the hearth - it is all finished except for the contact paper, which will happen once the paint is dry. Hope to have pictures soon! But it's been a busy but happy weekend so far, and it was brought to my attention that I haven't updated so..... that's why. Love you all, have merry Christmasses, take care and such. Amy is sleepy and headed to bed.
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Ah so...
Yesterday my sweetie came home early to cuddle! Yay! And then we took care of the hateful landlord and went to my mom's and got some work done on the faux hearth. Got some idea of the other pieces we will need, went to KMart for contact paper but was unable to locate any. 2 separate employees were asked - "Uh, is that like, stationary?" Urghh... Uh, NO! Anyhow, they were clueless about the store, which is somewhat to be expected, but I mean, I didn't think contact paper was a top secret thing that noone else knew about?
Anyway, came home and snuggled more. We have just been really affectionate lately. This is a good thing :)
The plan for tonight is to try Walmart for contact paper. The plan for today is to finish the xmas cards for the last couple people, maybe hit the mall for a few choses for my babykins, maybe clean off my desk in here, maybe make cheesecake and/or choc chip cookies for Nate's nice coworker. Then tomorrow morning I have free time while Nate fixes my car thing, then in the afternoon/evening we go down to his dad's bday celebration, then Sunday morning we go to chop down trees, and hopefully decorate them... and... I forget what Sunday evening. Anyhow, it's supposed to be a busy weekend, don't know if I will get a chance to update so I'm doing it now :)


Oct. 11th, 2001 08:44 pm
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Printed up a recipe for the Bananas Foster today... now I need to try making it... I've never made anything that you flambe before... but it should be fun as long as I can manage to catch something on fire... I think we have rum but I don't think we have banana liquer so I'll have to pick some up when we grocery shop.

On a completely different topic, I'm not sure whether I should replace my canvas shoes now or wait til spring - I don't wear them much during fall/winter... but the pair I have is about done. First time I have gotten rid of canvas shoes due to wear! Usually it's cuz I lose one....

I feel like I might have a strategical advantage over Nate since all the cat toys are kept on my computer monitor... I'm thinking he should have throwables of his own for counter- or pre-emptive- striking... but I don't want him to have cat toys. Must think of suitable alternative...

I wonder if I ought to start making separate thoughts separate postings... the consensus seems to be that long journal entries scare people off and don't get read/commented on as much as the short ones...
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So we are back... got in late last night and didn't get to sleep very soon because my body is still on island-time. So I am just a wee bit sleepy this morning, and since I was just catching up on everyone in livejournalland, my mind is busy sorting everything for later subconsciousness and does not wish to provide lovely evocative descriptions of the last week or so. We'll just sum up and say we had a fabulous time. Got a little journal to record thoughts/memories of the vacation in and completely failed to use it even once... must try to do that if possible so I don't lose the details as I am prone to doing. Bought lots of little things for ourselves and the family, sorted through the accumulation on mail a bit, and was thrown into hysterical laughter once again by my mother's "help" with our grocery list. Honestly, truly, noone in this world can make me laugh like my mother can - I just can't explain it, but her sense of humor and mine just synch right up. I still have an email somewhere where she screwed with my xmas list - everytime I read it, I am laughing out loud. Just thinking of it has me smiling. To me, that is magical. My poor beloved one is sunburned, but other than getting a bit scratched up by snorkeling, I fared well... got a few misquito bites but avoided any symptoms of Dengai (sp?) fever and my hair has not yet fallen out in protest of the abuse lavished upon it, and I just feel much better and less stressed (though I could not quit thinking of work last night) and more contented. Life is good. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good (oh dear, I think I'm stealing pizza quotes). Must develop film so I can force vacation pictures on hapless people. Trudi is talking me into scrapbooking with her down in San Jose and between recent trip and her and other girls in the gothy section talking about it, I'm thinking I should. I haven't reallly done anything since I got my sewing fixation. Alas, I don't know if I have time for all these projects. It's Oct 10th and I don't have Halloween stuff even unpacked much less up... I'm wondering if I should just leave it in the boxes this year. Then of course there is ThanksgivingChristmasNewYears to get through, and I also want to do more with my cooking and I * * * must * * * get a recipe for bananas Foster and learn to make it... it is on the menu for Nate's birthday next year instead of cake. It is yum. Welcome to my stream of thought... please keep hands inside the boat and remember that fishing is allowed but baiting is something that should only be done by those that know me well. Eah. Playtime is about over so I suppose I must bring this to a close - more during afternoon recess if I have a chance.


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