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Hehehe... Have to pick my mom up from the airport today. She is bringing back presents from my homeland (that would be Portland) and I am going to try and see what they are. *giggle* It should be fun. I'm not sure if I will spend most of the day over there or if she'll send me home. I need to grocery shop at some point. Still can't believe we're out of Malt O Meal. Ack n such!

Anyways, I am feeling much better than last night thanks to my sweetie, though I am a little yawny. Still, I should start getting up at a decent time. I was thinking last night - I think the reason I don't get as much done during the day as I think I should is because I'm only awake and out of bed for like 12 hrs. Bad bad bad. Must attempt to stop being lazy and get up the first time I naturally awaken. When you awaken, it usually means you've had enough sleep, not stay in bed and doze because it's warm and cuddly! So maybe that will be my uhhh... Dec. 19th resolution. Hmm, I wonder if I should make a new year's resolution. We will see.

Did not update over the weekend at all because it was so busy, and don't really want to now, so consider a flurry of happy things said about dinner with Trudy Friday; the Dickens Faire and meeting of people, including the Katlyn; the eternally lovely hosting couple Axis & Naomi, and the visit with them and other friends (note: no happy things said about trip betwixt Dicken's Faire and Axis' home save that we got there before we gave up); and exchanging gifts with Stasha & Rois (YAY! Thank yous!) and sewing goodness and movie goodness. Yay, good weekend.
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Today is the last main day of cleaning/decorating for tomorrow. We have taken down the spare bed, so anyone that wants to spend the night will just have to sleep with us *evil giggles*
Oh wait, no, honey wouldn't like it... we do have a lovely couch and lots of floor space though, and could always pull out the inflatable mattress... it's bigger than the spare bed was anyhow.
I digress. So the spare bed is gone, and I get to move all my sewing mess in here to distract me from reading LJ (not an entirely bad idea... must keep addictions in check by balancing them against one another) but I cannot seem to locate the card table... hmmm. Wonder where we could've put it? I'm sure I'll find it later.
On second thought, it's a good thing not to sleep in our bed. Our bed, I'm convinced, is some evil siren type creature crossed with carnivorous plants. It lures you into it's cuddly softness and tries to keep you there until you disintegrate into bed nourishment. No, true story, I originally got up at 7 and was fine and awake, not tired, but I've gone back to bed several times since then just because mmmmmm bed. Bed good.
Ack, my thoughts are scattering worse than dandelion fluff... you'd think someone was blowing in my ear and making a wish.
Heehee... actually I ought to be cleaning not typing. Hmmm... it is almost lunch though. I shall go scout edible yumminess before starting some laundry.


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