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Well, Nate ended up working late last night, that new virus thing, so I didn't really get anything done... stayed home and chatted with friends a bit. On the upside, he was home before eleven so I didn't have to try to sleep without him there, and it looks as if he may not have to work this weekend after all. Did some sketching yesterday for a possible pic for the Darkthreads group... never did really find out what they're looking for, but it's poss they don't know either. So, we'll give this a whirl and see how they like it. I think it would look better if it was a 3D rendering instead of a drawing, but I don't think I'm quite up to learning how to do that yet. Have an idea in mind for another graphic for them, but not sure how workable it is.... so this one first. If they don't like it, I'll still be happy for having done some creative stuff. Most of my "porfolio" is from highschool or earlier, and my skills have improved alot since then. I still want to give a try to some nice Olivia-esque watercolors but... hehe.. I have too many projects as it is. I've been considering my bat wing idea alot lately, and am very skeptical that it will be done by Halloween time, which sucks.... I am considering temporarily abandoning it until after the holiday season and then just having it ready for next year. Must still consider - I want them! But have to be realistic too. In two weeks I'll be in Hawaii... definitely won't be even thinking of sewing then. Want to get out to the Ren Faire at least one more weekend, and probably to Marine World too as we did really enjoy their haunted house stuffs last year. Which leaves me pretty limited on time to work on stuffs, and as mentioned, I've got alot of stuffs to work on. I need to start trying to squeeze stuff in on weeknights... even if I only do 20 or 30 minutes of work, I'll at least be making progress on something. Some days, I could talk to myself forever kicking stuff around - however, they want me to get work done here. May update at lunch.


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