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Oh dear... I really have not been good about updating. Holiday madness has officially begun.

Wednesday: Got to airport way earlier than I needed to. Got my mom without trouble, got her home, made baking date for Friday.

Thursday was the funeral (thankfully noone I knew) so we got up bright and early, grabbed bagel goodness, and down to Modesto we went. I stayed home with Mum while FIL & Nate went back up for the funeral. Mostly keeping track of the medication for her and there in case anything should happen... it was a quiet day, and I finished up Cassie's bath basket stuff (bag & sachet) before she got home - oh wonderfulness. Also finished up the book I was reading. After Nate & Karl got back, we went home where we met up with Trudi briefly for gift exchange and pack mule duty assignations.

Friday: Baking goodness. Mom called at 10, I showered & got ready, went by Laurel Grove's pharmacy to pick up the industrial mixer for *gasp*horror* divinity attempts. Went over to mom's, we made up a big long list of all the cookies and candies we wanted to make, and list of what we needed, and went to store. Got everything we needed except a candy thermometer. Not peachy, but we got started. We have brownies, we have fudge, we have peanut butter cookies, we have peanut butter cookies with hersheys kisses, we have sugar cookies, we have thumbprint cookies with jam, we have german chocolate cake (okay, we bought that), we have macaroons.... we may have other stuff I'm forgetting. We do not have divinity, we do not have choc chip cookies, we do not have truffles. Ah well - maybe next year.

Saturday: went to last-minute-notification Christmas party at my Aunt Peggy's. It was good. Less gossip about who was in prison/running from the law/divorcing/knocked up and less variety of food (lots of sweet, no pickles/olives/such) but otherwise just like the Christmasses of my childhood. It was really nice. The semi-present father in my life has once again seemed to think that money will make up for the fact that some Christmasses I don't even hear from him. I suppose in some ways it does - just not how he thinks. Anyway, it was nice to see them and everyone else - I felt welcome there in a way I have not felt welcome in his life in a long time. And we are *supposed* to see each other more - we will see. And they missed my mom - which was nice.

In between all this, Nate has done alot of work on the hearth - it is all finished except for the contact paper, which will happen once the paint is dry. Hope to have pictures soon! But it's been a busy but happy weekend so far, and it was brought to my attention that I haven't updated so..... that's why. Love you all, have merry Christmasses, take care and such. Amy is sleepy and headed to bed.


Nov. 15th, 2001 04:20 pm
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Dropped Jay off at the dentist's. Apparently my previous dentist recently sold off his practice, got married, went to the dr cuz his eye turned pink, found out he had spinal cancer and it was in his brain and died within a month of finding out. Eek. That is pretty scary... it seems like so many people are getting cancer than used to, and it's not just elderly people that smoke alot, but normal people. Scary scary :(

So anyhow, there is a new dentist that took over the practice. I need to find out if my dental through Nate covers him and make appt. and such. Now that I don't work, I can't make excuses about not wanting to take the time off. I also need to make an appt with counselor at Chabot to discuss majors and such.

Thanksgiving menu is planned and I was going to try to go shopping this week so I wouldn't have weekend before thanksgiving lines. But then Nate came home sick (my poor bunny) and my mom asked me to take Jay and such... So I didn't get to it. Maybe tomorrow but prolly more like next week. I need to clean more too.

Well I feel at a loss to describe the other things going on... sometimes maybe I expect too much. And I'm not even sure of what I want, much less what to expect. Anyways, that's a whole separate thing we won't get into. I don't have my stepfather's address or phone number, and it seems in spite of protestations to the contrary, as if he'd like me to not be in his life. I suppose I shouldn't even worry about it, it's not like he's the person he used to be. The fact of the matter is, I let people walk away from me. Part of me expects to be used and then abandoned once I am no longer shiny and novel. Ick... I'm getting all down and such, so best wrap this up.


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