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Soooo... this morning I changed my EVP sensor and mostly changed my EGR valve. There is a little screw it uses to hold on this little metal flap thing, and when we were taking it off the old one, it got broke. It was not in very good shape to start with though... I stripped the hex pattern off in no time trying to unscrew it, we used the mototool to cut a plus into it and then stripped THAT off trying to unscrew it... finally Nate cut the outside edge into a hex pattern and pried it off with his leatherman/pliers. But it broke. So now I need a new screw so my car will work, and the hardware store down the street doesn't have it. Hee... my mommy's gonna be so proud of me. She likes me to do tomboyish independent 'I don't need a man for anything' stuffs.

Anyhow, then it was time to go down to Modesto for birthday festivities. I think that went pretty well. I brought back a SLEW of mistletoe. I'm going to make a kissing ball for us and maybe one for my mom's house. I think I'm going to have alot left. Does anyone need mistletoe? (Real live mistletoe that was just on a tree, not that kelly green sprayed/dried crap with fake plastic berries they try to sell you most places.)

Nate is being a love and checking Home Depot for the screw now. He is such a sweetheart :) He's been really good to me lately. If they have it I will finish up my car in the morning. Then we are off to kill and mutilate a tree, drag it home, and decorate it. After that, work on the hearth project. My weekends are getting busy.. I really need to finish xmas gifts this coming week. Heh, or at least make alot of progress on them. I think I will take my little surprises for my sewing friends next weekend to the Dicken's Fair... I should see them all there I think.

I think that's it...
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Oy... little sleepy today, although I did fall asleep at a reasonable hour... it was very hard for me to pry myself out of bed this morning. So I did my usual throw-on-clothes, throw-food-in-bag, grab-purse-and-go thing, so I would have been to work on time, EXCEPT.... I had forgotten to get gas in my car at some point over the weekend cuz we were always in Nate's vehicle. Now for those of you that don't know me, I'm a weird mix of dependence and independence, and have a fair measure of traditional "that's mens work" attitude, which thankfully my husband shares. Why am I telling you this? Because I usually do not go to the gas station myself. Thankfully, I knew where one was that was on my way to work and easy for me to get in and out of (my directional skills are not the best). So pull into the gas station, get $5.00 of gas so I can get to work and hopefully not be too late, go out to my car, and cannot open my gas cap. Feel free to point and laugh, I felt dumb. It has weird instructions on it about turning it a half turn and waiting for the hissing to stop - whatever! I turned the thing and stopped it at probably every degree for a full 360 and the damn thing wouldn't open. I finally had to put on my "I'm just a dumb girl, help me" look and ask the cashier to help me... he opened it right up - I think the directions are on it to screw me over, he didn't do any half-turn stuff. So it's open, I pump my gas (thankfully that went okay, dammit I really am not totally clueless) CLOSE the gas tank without assistance and go on my merry way... 15 min late to work but it could have been worse. While I'm not as cute as I used to be, I'm still glad I'm a girl and am thus entitled in most men's minds to getting help with dumb things like this. LOL... I would hate to be a burly man and have to ask for help opening the gas tank. Ah well... that was my lil adventure this morning, just wanted to share.


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