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Having warmed back up to crochet, I was able to start on the patterns for the Star Wars ones I'm making for Alex.

(Pictures are tiny so I'm not even cutting them)

I've also made a little mama owl for [ profile] missmorte (part of her birthday shwag) and need to make the little baby owl that goes along with it. Also have a request to make a little sheep for [ profile] locknkey, which will hopefully be adorable.

Got bloodwork done today and go in next week to see my new doctor, as my previous one left the practice. I hope I like him and don't have to doctor shop. In other health news, last week was pretty much a loss due to Head Cold of Doom, but I seem to be at the end of it. Felt well enough to go to [ profile] denyce's housewarming/fangirl gathering on Saturday, which was really really good for my soul. Sunday we went out to attend my niece Sarah's dedication - good to spend some time with them. Rest of the family is still dealing with the cold since they picked it up after me, but will hopefully be feeling better by next weekend. As most of you know, my beloved's birthday is on St. Patty's day, so we're having friends and family over to celebrate. Usually I offer pressed four leaf clovers to my friendslist, but see comments re: head cold of doom.... I'm not sure they'd make it through the mail in time at this point.

But hey, what the heck, if anyone wants one anyway, comment and send me a message with your address. These are genuine clovers found by me, stuck into books to flatten/dry. This means that picking up some reading at my house brings with it a shot at getting lucky (because I'm not always industrious about removing them) and also that you should expect slight imperfections (usually disparity of size of the leaves, sometimes tiny nibbles on them from natural clover predators).

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[ profile] kwizbit tagged me over on facebook, figured I'd copypasta over here as well...

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I "finished" crocheting Ryan's little monkey friend. I might go back and make a cuter face for him at some point, and there will be piratical accessories - I started him so Ryan would have an equivalent to Alex's beloved pirate bear, and facebook voted for separate accessories rather than AllPirateMonkeyAllTheTime. Now I am working on Han Solo (using a pattern this time!) for Alex :) I'm really enjoying crocheting again, even if it's been so long that I have to relearn every stitch.

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Your Parenting Choices Are Not My Parenting Choices, But Your Parenting Choices Are OK

This PSA brought to you by my frustration with people who can't seem to grasp the above, unless it applies to them of course. *cherishes and appreciates my fangirls/fanguys/openminded non-fen friends*
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This morning I took Ryan to Starbucks after dropping Alex off at school, and for once the combo pack of owl & kitty cookies was not broken to bits. I gave him the owl, which he was enchanted with (he's been really into birds, and there's an owl in one of his favorite books). He loved the design so much that he grudgingly ate tiny bites of the wings and feet, studying it each time afterwards, before COOKIE won out and he ate up the head.

Alex's class had a substitute teacher last week, and he did awesome every day. I hate to be one of ~those~ parents, but it feels more and more like the teacher is the problem (at least part of it). How to bring that up tactfully at his quarterly review next month? Sigh. I think I'm just going to dance around it but insist he begin transitioning to a regular classroom. If I have to, I'll just move him completely, but I think a period of transition would be better. He's got a great group of friends now... one of the kid's dads came in for their Valentine's day party and made balloon art (swords and flowers) for them all :) Alex has a current fascination with mummies, and how they're the same as / different from zombies.

I'm... getting along. Last week/weekend was so good, and I think I'm feeling a bit of letdown following that. I got to have non-virtual hugs and chatting with [ profile] moon_heart, had a really lovely Valentine's celebration with my sweetheart, got to see my dad, etc... a little busy trying to juggle it all, but so worth it.

I've been taking chloryphyll off and on, following a rec from the Nourishing gourmet. Perhaps it's just in my head, but it does seem to help my energy levels and mood... trying to be a bit more consistent in taking it. I see my endocrinologist this morning, and I'm fairly certain I'll be adding a morning insulin shot to my regime :( Not happy about it, but resigned. Alex has a four day weekend, and we'll be getting an Ella tomorrow afternoon.... usually Alex is at school and Ryan is asleep when she comes over, so it'll be nice for them to spend time together.
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Okay, it's really not all that different than the recent D&D version, but.... it has Seth Green!
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I think it's been about two years since I used instant messaging with any kind of frequency, but I've been missing the interaction lately. I've started using something for google talk but I don't have many contacts... figured maybe I should poke the friendslist and see if any of you use it *and* would want to chatter with me sometimes.
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Hello dear ones! I am in a wonderful mood and it seemed like a good time for an update. I am back home from playing in the snow, which was lots of fun. Ryan actually dragged me over to the saucers to go down the hill again, which... XD I'm such a sap, but it made me so happy that he genuinely liked it, because sometimes snow is weird and unfathomable at that age. Justice and Alex had tons of fun and got along really well which was awesome. Alex is getting better (but still has work to do) about winning/losing, and we had a good amount of playing Lego Magikus and Go Fish to kinda cement that - appropriate manners regardless of whether you win or lose.

Side note? I found a fake pictionary on facebook and I want to play it ALL THE TIME. I love that game.

Ms. Stasha lent me the Alexia Tarabotti novels the last time I was over and I took the opportunity to read through the first one which was enjoyable and had me wishing I'd brought them all with me. Instead, I was faced with the cabin-supplied books which run in two distinct genres: Romance and ZomgRussiansAreEvil thrillers. I was less than thrilled by the latter, and had to abandon one of the former because it was trying to make me sick in my mouth. I have pretty low standards for reading (though I'm always pleased to have them exceeded), so me abandoning a book is almost unheard of, it was that bad.

Anyhow, rest of the trip was awesome and I also got some more of Ryan's pirate monkey crocheted on the way up. Tonight is knitting circle at the local coffee shop (did I mention that?) and I'll probably go. MUST remember to order decaf this time though. Also, my fascination with coffee shops is kind of ridiculous. If there was a barista AU rec list, I would be reading every single one regardless of fandom. It's kind of a sickness.

Things that Alex has done to make me smile today - talking about building his own Starbucks that always has every drink and snack we want and doesn't let customers buy the last ones :) still says 'Gabbyrella' instead of 'Gabriella' which makes me think of the Cinderella Disney movie mice :) responded sincerely, "Thanks Mom" when I (sarcastically! playfully!) informed him that he and his friends were weird little deviants (seriously, first graders are an unequal mix of charming, appalling, and confusing).

We've got childcare trading with Trudy this weekend which is awesome... we both get a chance to have Valentine's-y stuff with our sweethearts, PLUS I get to spend time with wee adorable Ella. I've been taking her for an hour on Wednesdays and Fridays while Trudy does pilates, and so far it's gone very smoothly \o/ Okay, off to oversee homework time. Hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon.


Feb. 1st, 2011 02:17 pm
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Love is in the air journals!

comment and i'll tell you something i love about you. ♥

(meme stolen from [ profile] locknkey
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I know that, as a parent, the idea of something happening to your child goes directly to the most innate part of you, bypassing your higher consciousness... but we as a society cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by what-ifs. Not every man with a child is a criminal.

Personal note: Nate's been harrassed by parking lot security while carrying our sons and while changing dirty diapers, and I know he's not the only father it happens to. He is the kind of person who makes friendly small talk with the people around him, and has learned to police himself when it comes to children because even in clear view and hearing of multiple parents, with his own kids running circles around his legs, just acknowledging or speaking to a kid sometimes garners dirty/suspicious looks.
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Saw my dad today, who is doing better than I had prepared myself for, so that's a good thing. He's still being evaluated so we don't know what the long term plans are or how long his recovery is likely to take, but hey. Many many thanks to those who sent comfort and/or positive thoughts our way.

It's been a pretty social time. Nate's sister Becky is out from Maryland with her adorable baby, Claire, so we've had them over to dinner and attended a big family bbq yesterday. Afterwards Alex had a sleepover with Justice and then today was the big Lego/Harry Potter party... chaotic, but really fun :D For the kids too! ;)

Enjoying a long weekend since we've all got Monday off... and then Tuesday is probably sitting on the phone with the IRS, ugh. I need to think of something awesome to reward myself with for doing that.
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Biggest change of the year so far is that I've lost my type II diabetes cred and been reclassified as "atypical adult onset" type I. Which is really just a way of saying that my insulin levels are too low to be detected and so I have a new paramour - bedtime insulin shots. I'm not that into him, but I haven't figured out how to break up with him yet.

I've also picked up a new purse... not my usual style but I'm really liking it so far. Wish it had a built in wallet thing, but otherwise quite pleased.

Ryan is adding a bunch of new words to his vocabulary, which is exciting and fun. Both boys had a great time on NYE as we had some good friends over... their boys and our boys are perfectly overlapped in ages and interests, and Alex is now even more obsessed with sleepovers than he was before. Given that I *still* haven't outgrown them, I can't complain :)

Alright, I know there was a whole list of stuff that fit this "new" theme, but I cannot recall it... love to everyone out there in LJland
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A little late to the party, but wishing each and every one of you a fresh new start with the coming of the new year, a time of both new discoveries and rediscovery, of cherishing what has gone before and never been forgotten, and adding to those memories with new moments of abiding joy.

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I feel like I don't bring much cheer in my very few posts. So let's try and focus on the positive while still being honest...

Ramblings about life lately )
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December is right around the corner. Trying to limit my own insanity since there will be more than enough to go around. Apologies for the lack of updates... there were some really amazing events in October that helped me during what could have been a very bleak month, but I simply didn't have time to journal.

I am just back from con, and that was just wonderful... met some amazing new people, but more than that, caught up with those that I don't get to see nearly often enough, and was pleasantly surprised by how many people I could count as friends, who were instantly familiar and welcome to me and me to them in return. For all that I love people, I so often feel a step apart from them... to feel like I belonged in such a diverse and amazing group was really nice. Plus yay for some kid-free, adult interaction! I love my babies (and missed them a whole lot) but sometimes it's nice to relate to grown ups.

I just missed Ryan being down with the flu, and came home right in time to help Alex through it. He's been (seriously) sick so seldom that it's really scary and miserable for him. I'm going with the tried-and-true 'cuddled on the couch in jammies mainlining TV' method of treatment. He's been out yesterday and today... he's got Thursday and Friday off, so I'm not sure whether to send him tomorrow (if he's well enough) so that he gets some learning in, or just keep him out so he doesn't infect the rest of the class. I wish there was a gizmo you could use that would tell you if someone is contagious or not.

Have been getting dental work done and am considering braces on my upper teeth. The straightening isn't a big deal (though, hey, bonus) but they could take out my oh-so-charming baby canines and bring the adult teeth in. Just trying to make up my mind if it's worth the effort and expense... if anyone has pros or cons to consider, please chime in!
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Much to catch up on, but for now, wishing the incomparable and fantastic [ profile] denyce a very very happy birthday!
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October is going to be full-to-bursting with socialization. This is mostly a good thing, since nearly all of it is pleasant stuff, but it's always a little surprising to me how quick the month fills up.

Nate and I are celebrating a dozen years of wedded bliss (anniversary on Sunday). The kids will be with grandparents... crossing fingers that they're good/happy and we can enjoy our couple time.

Ryan's vocabulary is slowly growing. We have "nanuh" (banana), "gogo" (lego), "Ah-ix" (Alex), and "Buh" (Buzz Lightyear) as well as the usual mama type stuff. Trying to get him to say byebye, but no luck yet.

Bloodsugar has not been where it needs to be, so having labwork done and probably med changes after we get back. Uck. Just want it to stay fixed, but of course health doesn't actually work that way. Have been feeling okay, though, so that's good.

Hope October brings lots of wonderful things your way!
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I haven't abandoned my meme-in-progress. I'm just on a day that requires more thought, so it's slow in coming.

Spent a wonderful weekend with various sides of the family, which has me all excited and wanting to plan social things. I'm trying not to get in over my head, though... with the anniversary of my mom's death coming up, chances are good that my current mood and energy may go away without much warning. I hope not, but... uncharted territory for me.

I'm currently doing alright... moments of sadness, obviously, but really enjoying the changing of the seasons as well. Autumn has long been my favorite time of year. The mornings are cold enough for me to really savor a hot cup of coffee or tea, and I'm getting excited about Halloween. Doing a Star Trek costume theme this year \o/ I think I've even got Alex talked into it (bribed with the promise of a toy phaser). So that is really a happy thing. Likely just buying all the costumes, though I may end up making mine as the commercial selection is not entirely pleasing me. It appears there is not a commercial pattern, though, which makes it a more intensive project. We shall see!

Ryan is currently having a major fascination with Buzz Lightyear. He hasn't actually seen any of the Toy Story movies, but he's entranced by Pogo's Buzzwing and Toyz Noize videos (I really like that style of mixing, so those and Upular get played a lot at our house) and has really latched onto Buzz's character.

Feel like I had a bunch more to talk about, but it's all suddenly left my mind. Love to all of you <3
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This is kind of a hard one, as I don't believe in living ruled by regret; the paths we've taken have led us to where we are today, and the only thing we can change is where we head next. But I'm giving it a try.

1. Possibly my biggest shame - when I was in school, I plagiarized/adapted something for an assignment. It was so unneccessary, too... even at that age, I was more creative and accomplished than to need to stoop so low, and it wasn't a big project/portion of my grade ; I was simply lazy and didn't want to bother. The teacher didn't notice, but I still regret it vividly.

2. Lost touch with my stepdad's family. We were incredibly close when I was growing up, but began drifting when they divorced (since holidays/etc were divided up) and that only increased when my stepdad and I were estranged. I think at the time, I wasn't sure I was welcome, which in retrospect seems ridiculous. I'm thankful that our lives have come together again since then, but I missed out on a lot of years that I didn't have to.

3. Kept quiet so much in class. This is mixed, because I'm also glad I did it and gave other students a chance to take part in discussions, but it's probably why I have a hard time putting myself and my opinions out there today.

4. Um. Neglected/killed plants? I don't even know how many I've doomed and thrown out.

5. Lost track of people. I spent a long time with the "If you love something, set it free" philosophy, and a lot of people left and never returned. Perhaps it was not meant to be, but I've come to realize that sometimes, some people want/need to be chased down when they start to drift away.

6. Forgotten stuff. Not that I had any choice in the matter, but I mourn every memory dulled by time or lost entirely.


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