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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1. I'm coming to your town for dinner. Where are you taking me, and why? (and it can't be somewhere we've already gone) :D What will we order? This is your audition for the Food Network, so make me taste it!

Ooh. See, so, I'm kind of a picky eater. If we were actually eating together, I'd have to quiz you on the sorts of things those in your party enjoy/dislike/have never tried/etc. Since I can't... I give you two choices - Casa Orozco, a family-owned and awesome Mexican restaurant (actually two locations now I think) where the food is fantastic, everyone on staff is lovely, I love the look of the place, and they have a lovely heated outdoor dining area as well. I have never heard of anything not being amazing, so order what you will.

Your second choice is our fondue place... it's a chain, which counts against it, but c'mon... fondue! We would of course get the full treatment - your choice of salad (I like the strawberry spinach one), cheese fondue appetizers, a bajillion choices for the main course fondue, and one of the many many many delicious desert fondues. I must also add some kind of delicious alcoholic coffee and cheesecake (because cheesecake dipped in chocolate deliciousness).

2. High school class reunions - (mine's this summer) - worth it or not?
I've never been to one and honestly don't plan to. Part of this is that I wasn't really a school spirit kind of girl anyhow... there were classes and teachers I adored, and I was in a couple clubs... but for the most part, I'd rather go home and read or hang out with friends and such. You'd never see me at the football games or homecoming dances or whatnot.

Another biggie is that almost no one that I was friends with was in my actual graduating year. I had so many friends either a year or two older or a year or two younger.... so my HS reunion is going to consist almost entirely of people who I either didn't really know or vaguely disliked because they were jerks. I don't really see a reason in going to hang out with them x years later. (I'd totes go if it were a reunion of people including my friends then, though.)

3. Link (just a link) to a picture of a natural environment you find exceptionally beautiful.

Ook, so many choices. I'll go with Jellyfish Lake

4. When your favorite TV show ends, how will you cope with the grief?

Fandom and DVDs. And fandom. And rewatching a million times. Also, fandom.

5. If you had to do a research paper about consumerism and consumption, what question would drive it?

I'm sure it's been done a million times, but I'd still explore the way our expectations are warped - how we forget the meager beginnings our parents and grandparents have, and expect to attain what they have *now* when we are just starting out. If reality shows weren't so ridiculously separated from reality, it's something I think would be very interesting - to recreate the environment previous generations had and see how it impacts our own ideas and expectations.

6. Do you worry that memes like this are building a rich source of online data that will one day become an indistinguishable cybernetic replicant of you?

So, really, I mostly deal with my insane levels of paranoia by letting it not matter. In other words, yes, but I have hope that she's gonna be a quirkily loveable replicant.

7. I'm coming to dinner! What are you making me, and choose wisely so I don't have to push it around the plate. ;D Open your recipe book and tell me what to expect.

Coming to dinner again? My goodness, just invite yourself on over when ever you like ;)
For serious, now... you have forgotten an important detail, which is what month is it when you're coming? Because my answers will completely change based on that, as well as the whole, you-and-your-party's preferences thing I mentioned earlier.

I love edible flowers in cooking, because I'm insane like that. So I'll make you stuffed chicken breast in parchment paper (from the Lavendar Cookbook), with the eensiest little red potatoes to accompany, and an orange blossom infused cheesecake (I might even make the pomegranate-raspberry puree this time).
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