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Hello there! Has the summer completely flown by for everyone else? Because it has for me.

We have moved into our new house, which I am still in the honeymoon phase with. I love it so much. By 'moved in' I mean there are fifty billion boxes in our (thankfully spacious garage) and another couple million scattered through the house in various states (stacks of sealed boxes, half-unpacked, unpacked and broken down). We have not let our chaos stop us from having way too much fun however.

We had our [ profile] katlyn first, and it was so, so good to see her. She introduced me to mojitos, which I'd heard about but never tried, and I like them! In fact, we were drinking every single night which on the one hand was YAYgoodtimesCelebrate but also kicked up my 'all my family branches are about addiction' paranoia. It appears I have not, in fact, become an alcoholic however (good to know, right?). She also got me a gorgeous yellow hibiscus which is all abloom and gorgeous :D

My birthday was very unorganized but still full of fun... there were numerous shared-July-birthday bashes. I'd toyed with throwing myself a party but there was just so much going on... it would have been great to see more people but I don't need a birthday for that... plan to do more get-togethers in the future for those I haven't seen lately.

Beth has been visiting off-and-on the last several weeks as well, with my nephew Joshua for the most recent trip. It's been wonderful spending time with them and so much of the rest of the family as well. There have been a lot of pool parties in our backyard :)

[ profile] lockandkey came down with her kiddo earlier in the week for a sleepover before school starts for the boys. We had a lot of fun (and so much wine, and so little sleep) and I wish I could have kept them longer... dehydration and sleep dep had me feeling poorly the next day, and there was still a lot of social necessities on the calendar so we decided against them spending a second night. *adores her and B and wishes they lived closer*

I have been meeting some of the neighbors... there's a lot of kids (and thus mommies) and everyone seems really friendly and welcoming. One of the moms is trying to plan a block-party-esque neighborhood thing which would be fun... Trudy's block party totally invited us to crash again this year, and we had a blast as per usual. Face painting was more popular this time since more people knew I was doing it, and there were a lot of other little activities as well as stuff we've seen previous years... I'd love to have something like that (or lower key) in my own neighborhood :)

We're gearing up on getting our old house ready to sell... and my mom's estate is finally coming to a close. Both things that are good in the grand scheme of things but that have a lot of bittersweet tugs that accompany them.

Okay, time to read Alex a story (we've got to get back on track with bedtime soon - school starts very soon!) so more updates later.
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