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Ryan is officially two years old! His birthday ended up pretty awesome overall... I think I was the least prepared for it as I've been for any event I've hosted, but hopefully no one could tell. Life has been a whirl of birthdays and other gatherings, friends from out of town, etc... we unfortunately passed our germs on (boo!) so apparently contagious long after feeling better :( Hoping no one else ends up coming down with it.

Alex is now a second grader! Today was his last day of school. He doesn't need summer school this year, which is kinda cool but may mean I'll be even crazier than normal :) Surely not!

More birthdays to celebrate tonight, and a family bbq on Sunday... Nate may end up missing that as Mike and Shannon are packing up for the Oregon move this weekend as well. We have been looking at homes (here in Livermore) for sale and decided to put an offer in on one... so hoping everything goes smoothly with that and perhaps we will also be moving in the near future. Will try to keep everyone updated! I know I'm terrible about journaling these days.

Date: 2011-06-10 10:58 pm (UTC)
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I can't believe he's two! Have a fun weekend.


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